Take a walk in Blue Bell Woods listen to the sounds around you, of bird song and bees. Smell the flowers and the scent of Spring in the air. Every year is a new beginning and every day a blessing

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Boardman Trail....................

I had Reina on Friday while Laura worked. We had some running around to do, the store and the to McGoughs for dog biscuits and Bird food. It was so pretty outside that I figured we could go for a walk. As the Boardman trail is right near McGoughs, that is where we went. I had hoped to see some geese, ducks and swans. Nope. no one around, but it was still a pleasant walk in the sun.
Saw this chap stocking up for Winter and enjoying a snack.
 photo DSCN8529_zpsshxayd74.jpg
He looked a little worried
 photo DSCN8526_zpsz1u2r0ef.jpg
The path goes right around the lake, but we only wanted to go a short way. I got blisters on my heels as it was.
 photo DSCN8519_zps3uyxuacx.jpg
Reina taking pictures.
 photo DSCN8506_zpsu60y4dcv.jpg
No wildlife except some Chickadees
 photo DSCN8498_zpsexxhsf7l.jpg
 photo DSCN8497_zpsbljhlwyl.jpg
 photo DSCN8492_zpsk2nrkdxd.jpg
The berries are bright and beautiful
 photo DSCN8508hj_zpspja3fbhw.jpg
 photo DSCN8512h_zpsoqbzcryh.jpg
Lots of food for the birds and beasts.
Some of the leaves made pretty pictures.
 photo DSCN8525_zpsnsuuihyd.jpg
This little woodpecker was enjoying some snacks
 photo DSCN8524_zpsg2emfspv.jpg
Brilliant yellows make a nice design
 photo DSCN8517_zpsc21y1f5v.jpg
Reina is being taught to notice things around her. The sound of the Poplars in the wind is so pretty and the red of the berries. We need to notice these things and I think if we show our children they will grow to love nature. They may not appreciate it now, those sounds and feelings. The wind in your face and the smell of leaves, the sound of birds busy in the trees. How nature comes full circle to death (even in death there is beauty if you look for it) and then the rebirth in Spring that gives us hope for ourselves. God said to look to nature to see Him. I do that, and I see Him in all things. I know that nothing is really gone, it all completes the circle of Life.


LV said...

Nature shares the best show ever. Very nice and well done.

Magic Love Crow said...

Nicely written Janice! I agree! Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful day!