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Saturday, November 5, 2016

It's November and sunny, wow.............................

I can't believe how beautiful the weather is. It's November and its warm and sunny. So, as Laura had the day off work we decided to make the most of it. We can get snow any day now, so lets thank the Lord for sunny days.
 photo b615fd8c-d505-444b-9c80-d1027acbce6a_zpsyn0yr1gp.jpg
The sun was out and the sky was grey. It looked like heaven had turned on the lights.
We went out towards our usual haunts. We didn't know if it would rain or not but as it was sunny in patches we thought it would make for some nice pictures. School was 1/2 day so Laura kept Reina home so we could take our time. We took a picnic and sat in the car to eat it.
 photo DSCN8392j_zpsncmxms1k.jpg
This is Old Settlers picnic area, it was quite windy so chilly for actually sitting outside.
 photo DSCN8397_zpsg9oc0d4v.jpg
There is a small chapel there and so is popular for weddings.
After we ate we went up onto Miller Hill to see the view. It was still beautiful and full of colour. More into the yellows now than reds.
 photo DSCN8401j_zpstdjtzirk.jpg
Lovely unpaved roads up there.
 photo DSCN8407h_zpsct5fviaf.jpg
Such beautiful views. As always, a pity about the power lines
 photo DSCN8408_
 photo DSCN8411j_zpshf4cjfz7.jpg
We saw no wildlife this time. The Vultures and eagles were not around.
 photo DSCN8414_zpsadlaei5c.jpg
Back down and on to Port Oneida.
 photo DSCN8419j_zpstytjzkhh.jpg
Magnificent colours
 photo DSCN8424i_zpsrxdk0abm.jpg
 photo DSCN8427Sk_zpshpmqlj93.jpg
 photo j_zpsbdjngh0l.jpg
Same views we always take but oh so pretty, I never get tired of looking. The Sleeping Bear national park bought up every farm in the area and we now have them for posterity. We can learn the history of our early pioneer families and it will never be subdivisions.
 photo DSCN8464j_zpshnduhged.jpg
 photo DSCN8458_zpsr0ytxrp0.jpg
I ponder on life back then, when this was farmed and how these families managed in winter times. Here is Laura taking pictures
 photo DSCN8453j_zps6izy3ybv.jpg
Reina enjoying some exercise in the fields
 photo DSCN8453_zps3qyoijpe.jpg
Probably one of the last ventures onto the dirt roads back in there.
 photo DSCN8441i_zpsiaz82mzc.jpg
It is after all November and those roads are not maintained in the winter months.So on we went to Leland. We just had to check out the beaches. The dead birds from last time are just about eaten up. We saw two Bald Eagles fly over. I had put the camera back in the car. Darn it.
 photo DSCN8491u_zpskgc1gqk8.jpg
 photo DSCN8489i_zpsdg1pjxa4.jpg
It was a little cold but Laura managed to get wet. The waves crept up on me a couple of times so my feet got wet. We found a few beach treasures. Some blue stones, beach glass and pretty rocks.Look at this piece of woods. It is the same on both sides and to me looks like a Robin?????
 photo DSCN8534_zpsgmy9hgnr.jpg
I love it when I find things like that.Me on the beach looking for treasure. I thank God that I find such joy in simple things.
 photo 14908184_10154642109654761_559487136396467102_n_zpsrirbvjlc.jpg
So home for now.
The light was very bright
 photo 102_0628_zpsp9rafwiv.jpg
It was as though Heaven shone some lights down for us. I am hoping that this weather continues for a time. It makes Winter seem shorter.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this trip so much,, amazing area you live in!

Merlesworld said...

Yes I agree you do live in a lovely place.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous! What a beautiful day! I love the photos! I love where you live! That piece of wood does look like a robin! So cool! Hugs!