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Friday, February 24, 2017

Ice Ice Baby...................................

So we went from 65 degrees at the beginning of the week to this. Today is Friday and we have a snow day. Schools are shut and roads are bad. Ice. Snow. Rain. Thunder. All this morning. We awoke to rain on top of the snow that came last night. This is Michigan.
 photo 103_0541_zpsitgqa94x.jpg
It looks so pretty, but causes so many problems when it is so heavy. The ploughs and sanders have been very busy. Just as well because the roads are ice with a layer of wet snow. This stuff does not last long though so there is some hope.
 photo 103_0544h_zpstdnk82m2.jpg
Want to sit awhile? I thought not.
 photo 103_0542k_zps3nh2cbct.jpg
The buds are frozen but will be OK. Better to stop them from popping now than have them freeze later.
 photo 103_0538j_zps5pftm0iw.jpg
I put out bird food but I think they will wait till it has thawed a bit.
 photo 103_0535g_zpsjsoheqde.jpg
 photo 103_0535u_zpsvh5eewye.jpg
No bird wants to sit on that stuff.
So I asked Brea if she wanted to go out. She wagged her tail but said no.
 photo 103_0549k_zps1eixb37v.jpg
Boots heard and said "I may want to go out"
 photo 103_0551_zps4zliwuuw.jpg
"Just kidding, I am not going out there today"
 photo 103_0553j_zpsayigrfcd.jpg
I don't blame either one, although they all went out at some point but came right in to their heating pad and blankets.
 photo 103_0547_zpsld1koc9l.jpg
Stay safe out there.
 photo 103_0546k_zpsnk51fqpi.jpg
We sometimes get the worst storms in March. Hard to believe we were outside yesterday with no coats on. Yup. That's Michigan for ya. May get to try snow shoeing after all.


Merlesworld said...

So so cold I would stay inside too.

Magic Love Crow said...

The pictures look so beautiful! I was laughing my head off with your pets! LOL! Keep safe and warm! Big Hugs!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Oh, wow! It looks gorgeous, and I would love to go and take photographs like you, but not for long. Stay warm!

Carrie King said...

Wow, Janice what a marvellous Blog! I am enthralled, you definitely have a marvellous Novella on here alone! I am sad you are so far away across The Pond as I would have loved us to meet up at the Book Signing in Houghton Regis on Saturday! You are indeed a great photographer and writer. I love it all! Your old neighbour, Carrie xxx