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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It's only February...................

Yesterday Laura and I went to the beach. We had hoped to go to Point Betsy and see all the ice, but it warmed up and its all gone. So instead we first went to Leland to look for Blue Stones. It was clear as a bell water like glass. Stones all over the beach. Perfect. We were so dang tired and full of pain, neither one of us could get into it. Still we found a few. That's always nice but were not enthused. My back was killing me. I am in constant pain these days and no idea why. Anyway, we walked quite a way before giving that up. So what to do next.
 photo 20170220_162405_zpspvcbug8y.jpg
This is why we have back pain.
 photo 20170220_145417_zps2hmqcmyu.jpg
And knee pain from shuffling the stones with feet. Look how calm the water is though.
 photo 16830619_10155006862554761_6996150697562650313_n_zpsaij3j8lv.jpg
They still have snow fences up at Leland.
 photo 103_0480_zpsd5anorqp.jpg
Well I wanted to find Christmas Cove, I could not remember how to get there. So off we went. We tried the GPS on Laura's phone but the lady got cranky with us and suggested we use the "help" feature as she didn't know how to help us. I guess we were not following her directions right. Thats because we said "Christmas Cove" instead of Christmas Cove beach.............she took us to Christmas Cove farm instead. So when we changed directions the GPS got confused. Well we found it, so there. We missed the road to the beach because it was closed off, we had to walk down. Just left over snow from road ploughing was blocking the road down.
 photo 103_0489_zpsgxg70otp.jpg
Anyway, We walked the beach as far as half way to Cathead point at which point the wind got cold. Laura had not put on her winter coat this time so we went back. When we can take another trip I think we will go there and see how far we can walk. According to what I saw on a regular map we should be able to walk all the way to the Northport Point Lighthouse.That is a very long way but we can try, have to remember though we also have to walk back.
This little stream cut in through the beach and in summer we will be able to wade through it. It was about here we saw two Bald Eagles, they went fishing. It's always good to see them and we often do in this area. Frequently see them on Leland Beaches.I only had my cell phone so could not get a good picture.
 photo 20170220_144034_zpshpnnrb1i.jpg
The entrance to the beach is always difficult for us to find. Now we know where it is. I knew I had been there before but............anyway, we found it. We found some black stones that may be coal. Collected some of those, not much else. The stones here are so different from Leland and just up the coast a bit. Amazing the difference.
 photo 20170220_162410_zpsmzzuzp64.jpg
We wonder why no blue stones up here if they were dumped in Leland harbor then why would they not wash up on other beaches with the currents ETC. They are going to be dredging the harbor in March so maybe that will stir some up.
This is a picture of stones in the water that Laura took. The stones are under the water, it's that clear.
 photo 16832102_10155006863559761_8282910129762339741_n_zpssr8q1pfw.jpg
The snow is almost gone but we are supposed to get more on the weekend. On the way from Leland we passed the Yak farm. They were contently chewing cuds and grazing
 photo 103_0488_zps2dw9krh3.jpg
By the time we got back to the car it was time to head home. We want to go back soon before it gets hot and walk as far as we can on Christmas Cove and Cathead Bay. Think I will take a regular map so as to see whats around the bend both ways. Summer fun even so, the kids will love the stream. I wonder how busy it gets there? Monday was presidents day. We saw a few people out enjoying the nice day. Hard to believe its still February. We typically get some bad storms in March. At least we have had a nice break, the sun is still out today and the birds are singing like it's Spring. Maybe it is. Global warming and all that. Whatever the cause I am liking it. I need some extra time in the garden but its too wet at the moment. It has been a good winter for wildlife, plenty to eat I would think. We didn't see any this day, but that's OK we did see Eagles.
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A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a beautiful walk, and you are very fortunate in living so close to those beaches. The blue stones are incredible !
Hopefully all of your snow is now gone, it surely makes one suffer from cabin fever :)
Have a great week Janice.

Talent Hounds said...

How beautiful. I grew up in Sydney Australia and love walking on the beach and looking out at water.

Magic Love Crow said...

What an amazing day filled with adventure!!! Take care of your backs! Great finds with the rocks!