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Monday, October 10, 2011


I love fantasy, actually I love imagination......I love the idea of fairies and unicorns, mermaids and the beauty beyond what we see around us in the natural world. On a cold crisp day in England when the hoare frost is on the trees and the hedges.


The spider webs are frozen and look as though they have been decorated with a million diamonds.....I can almost believe. The beauty of new fallen snow when the sun shines upon it, how it twinkles like fairy dust it's like an old fashioned Christmas card. The sun makes a mist that swirls around the trees like some fantastic dragons breath.


Once I walked in a forest in England when it had rained and it was foggy with a low mist in the trees and so quiet. I could almost imagine long ago wolves quietly padding amongst the trees. Ancient beings hidden in the mists of time. I love that feeling, not quite seeing something at the edge of my sight, not knowing if it was really there. That is when imagination flys free and anything can happen.

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Tasha Anderson said...

Hi Janice! You asked about some faux cupcakes...
get you lightweight spackle and pastry bag ready...
check out thins post it shows you how to make them!