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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Boardman Nature center................

We are very fortunate here in Traverse City. The powers that be are determined to preserve much of the natural lands around the river and the woods and beaches here. The Boardman river has a small dam that was used for power. They are taking it out and allowing the area to go back to the way it should be. Its a slow progress but, they have made nature trails in the area and a nice Nature center. We went yesterday to go for a walk. The water level is going down on Boardman pond. We saw a man fly fishing. 101_0062-1 I have no idea if he caught anything. We entered some woods along the side of the river. We were fortunate to go by when we did. A Cedar Waxwing was caught in some fishing line in the bush and because Laura got close,( she was intending to free her) she managed to pull free. We took the fishing line to the nature center later and asked that they make an exhibit to show what can happen. I know that most fishermen are not going to just leave their line in the trees, and if they do its without thinking but it can have dire consequences for wildlife. So fishermen please be aware. There were some pretty Iris in the damp areas by the nature center. 101_0049 101_0058 More pretty Iris. 101_0054 The swans were enjoying ducking down and getting bottom foods, with the water levels being down I bet they got loads of good stuff, swan Do you remember popping these on the back of your hand when you were a kid? 101_0074 Laura and Tristen looking down at the was getting quite warm now so we headed back 101_0070 Natures wonders........look at this. 101_0055 We were looking for Monarch Caterpillar in the Butterfly garden. They love Milkweed.People now cultivate it just so that the Monarchs have a place to breed. I have picked up some and its growing in my garden now. When it blooms it smells divine. We didn't stay to look for the Caterpillars because there was a school party there. We wanted to get out on the trails before they did. Not to worry, they were still there when we returned from our walk. I think they were having a picnic. This is a Monarch caterpillar mikweed This is the wild Milkweed. It smells like Lilac. The butterfly is not a Monarch but you can see a tiny caterpillar besides it milkweeds I am thankful to live in an area where conservation is important to the citizens. The last two pictures are from Photobucket, all the others are my own

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous place, and how gratifying to know that it is being returned to nature.Sometimes the powers that be do get it right!