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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fun Day in June...............

We went out for the day because it was cooler today and the kids were noisy. So we felt they could let off some steam outside. We started off by going and getting some slate for my garden and then headed off to see how the house was coming along. Tim is building this house behind where I used to board my horse. I would love to live there. Anyway, Tristen was excited to see Gerry (Dah to him or Daddy depending on his mood) The two kids got really dirty playing on the piles of dirt. Laura and me got dirty looking for rocks. After we left there we went to get icecream at Moomers. It's a small place that makes their own ice cream, it has become huge........statewide known now. Great icecream sold in most small towns around here somewhere or other. Our Moomers is the original and the cows are out back so to speak. Unfortunatley they were in the back field, not close enough for the kids to see them. So on the way home we stopped at Twin Lakes Park. It has recently become a public park. Had to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. 102_0260 They are off an at it, the energy never quits. Photobucket Running, always running. Photobucket Us not so much, this is Laura enjoying a moment of quiet. Photobucket The lake is awesome. It used to be a camp for disabled kids. My husband spent some time there when he had rhumatic fever as a child. Then I think it was a boy scout camp and now its a public park. I am not sure what else they do there. The cabins and the dorm's are all still there. Anyway, looks like a place to have a picnic some day soon. 102_0269 The water is clear and pretty, there are trails around the lake that we must check out. 102_0268 Look at the tadpoles. 102_0271 The whole place has the feel of a holiday camp..............very nice and well kept. 102_0284 Some other visitors bugsjpg Then we decided to stop at Gallaghers Farm market for some goodies and Tristen got to see the cows. 102_0296 They did not enjoy us watching them eat lunch. They decided to go in the barn........sheesh!!! 102_0299 We went inside and got some goodies. I bought some Brats for supper and some ribs for tomorrow. Then a pie and asparagus, and two cartons of fresh strawberries yum!!!! 102_0300 We are so lucky to live here, fresh fruit, fresh farm veggies and meat from the farm. I forgot to ask about eggs, but I know they sell milk there. The farm market will be open at the weekend. Time to get more fresh produce. I am linking up with Mosaic Monday again, although I only have one small mosaic here on this post. Join us at The Little Red House


Anonymous said...

You do live in a very pretty area. The farm shop sounds great.

Kay G. said...

You are lucky! I want to move there, today!