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Sunday, June 10, 2012

To the Beach....

It was well into the 90 degrees today. We went to Peterson Park for a picnic. We didn't see too many other people around. That was excellent. Petersonpk We decided to eat first so unpacked our picnic. The kids didn't want to eat. Too eager to get to the water. Peterson Park is on a bluff way above Lake Michigan. The beach has loads of stones and is fun if you want to search for treasures. After we had walked a bit we went on to a small town and small beach in Omena. There were only a few people there so the kids had fun. beachCollage We did have a little bit of a moment when we left but Ice cream took care of that. We had just enough cash between us to get an ice cream each. The kids fell asleep on the way home. Just as well we noticed Reina. Not too safe in that seat belt. We woke her up because we were laughing so hard.


The French Hutch said...

Precious little people for a day at the beach. Doesn't get any better than this. The kids are adorable so of course I love the mosaic!
Have a fabulous week.

The French Hutch

Tracey Steele said...

It looks idyllic. What wonderful memories you are making. You know they've had a great time when you get shots like the last two!

laurajane said...

Looks beautiful,you wouldn't want to go on a beach in England at the mo,you could get washed away.
The weather here is truly awful.Enjoy your warm sunny
Just checking this,iPads doing funny things.....
Love Laura.