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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday...........

Hot Cross buns........

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Our local store has a bakery and they make awesome Hot cross buns.

crucifiction photo: crucifiction thecrosssceneryblank.jpg

The cross signifies the Crucifixion and you only get these wonderful treats at Easter.
Good Friday............the day He died. The day He gave His life for us to save us from the results of our "sin". Can we even begin to understand what this meant for Him. To volunteer to suffer that way for people who do not deserve it. To have stepped down from Glory, to humble Himself and become a man, and to suffer as a Man, to die. He had one advantage, He knew where He would go back to, knew what it was like there..........and He opened the way for us to go too. We just have to believe this and ask Him to accept us, very simply put, to ask for forgiveness. We have all, every one of us fallen short of perfection. I can not believe people have a problem admitting that. Wishing it were otherwise, asking to be born again simply means that at some point, when our life here is done we can be reborn into eternity and wont have to deal with our human frailty any more.
Jesus, the Christ, the Redeemer........our Saviour. He was not killed by the Jews, or the Romans............they did not have that power over Him. He voluntarily allowed it to happen that way, as it was predicted, as it was ordained. He GAVE His human life, His blood for ME!!!! and for you. I know I do not deserve His sacrifice but He loves me. Me, who is so unworthy.
At any time there were 10,000 Angels who could have sent every one of Pilates men, the soldiers and everyone involved into oblivion. They were at His command. Waiting for the Word..........instead, as a human being He felt fear, betrayal, agony.......He did not hate Judas, Jesus loved him. Judas was an instrument in the plan, he started the ball rolling so to speak. He did not do it because He hated Jesus, he only misunderstood. Judas was not a bad man, he didn't betray Jesus for any other reason than to try to make Him show Himself and set up His Kingdom. Poor Judas missed the point, he thought that by forcing His hand Jesus would free them from Roman rule. He did not see the big picture until it was too late. He really believed that those angels would come down and start the new Kingdom that Christ talked about, he missed the part where Jesus said "it is not of this world"........and so when Judas saw what he had done he was heartbroken because he loved Jesus. He killed himself. Will Judas be with Jesus? Only our lord knows that but I hope he asked for forgiveness because he would have received it.
It is Finished............nothing else needs to be done. We only have to ask God for forgiveness and accept His gift of eternal life. Because of this one man, the son of God, died for you in your stead.

 photo 94f32156-4139-4628-abdd-fe8ae28ab7f1_zpsbe346fed.jpg

Good Friday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, and may coincide with the Jewish observance of Passover.
Based on the details of the Canonical gospels, the Crucifixion of Jesus was most likely to have been on a Friday (John 19:42).The estimated year of the Crucifixion is AD 33, by two different groups, and originally as AD 34 by Isaac Newton via the differences between the Biblical and Julian calendars and the crescent of the moon. A third method, using a completely different astronomical approach based on a lunar Crucifixion darkness and eclipse model (consistent with Apostle Peter's reference to a "moon of blood" in Acts 2:20), points to Friday, 3 April AD 33.

It really did happen folks. No Easter bunny, or Easter eggs just a terrible terrible death............that He did not in any way deserve. He volunteered. So when bigots try to blame the Jews, or the Romans or anyone else for the death of Christ they entirely miss the point. It was them, it was you, it was me.......

Thank you Lord...........and some day I too will be with you forever because you are my King, My Lord and my saviour. Amen


Terrie said...

A holy day for remembrance. Thanks for sharing.

NanaDiana said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder of what this day/weekend is all about. Blessings-xo Diana

Noelle the dreamer said...

Very nice Janice!
P.S. You really don't bake your own?
Blessings Dear,