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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winter Poems............

First Day of Spring

First day of Spring!!!! the grip of Winter still.
Looking out my window, the birds still feel the chill.
Huddled by the feeders their feathers are all fluffed.
They stay in my grapevines until they are all stuffed.
It's time for building nests, time to raise some young,
but they really can not do that until the Spring has come.
Come on old man Winter, it's time for you to go.
Wev'e had enough of Winter and sick to death of snow.

JKS March 21st 2013.

 photo 07a01a0d-7b0f-4da4-9981-a243414af59b_zpsb6c83ba7.jpg

Not much has changed since I wrote this poem. Although the sky is not blue today.

Winter Sky

Winter sky so blue today.
A few dead leaves in tree tops play.
Left over from the days of Fall
Should not have lingered there at all.
No normal winter this time round
Barely enough snow to cover the ground.

The north wind came and brought more snow,
covered bulbs that try to grow.
The sky turns grey and the wind does blow,
Covers up the ground with snow.
Winters back with an icy blast,
I just can't wait till winters past.

JKS 2013

 photo dbdb6367-d432-4627-b1fa-f922de2d299d_zps708941ed.jpg

Then I can go back to a poem I wrote in November and say we have celebrated way too long.

November days

Rain and snow in wintry blast
here we go, it's winter at last.
Cold cold days November brings
very soon the sleigh bell rings
Horses breath hangs in the air.
Under's ice...beware.
Children skate on frozen pond,
while adults roast chestnuts in fires beyond.
The bandstand waits to host the band
people gather in a wonderland.
The band strikes up a gay refrain
Time to celebrate winter again.

JKS 2012

 photo d054af2d-033c-4456-9413-c2e982fd75d5_zpsb24f84c0.jpg

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Anonymous said...

you weave magic with your words, beautiful cardinal too!

NanaDiana said...

Beautiful poems- You really paint beautiful word pictures- xo Diana

Cindy Adkins said...

You're so talented, Janice...poetry, painting, photography, gardening...Mum and do it all! I enjoyed the poems and beautiful photos in your other recent posts. I certainly hope it warms up soon...if not, I might have to pack up and move to Florida! lol I'm back to blogging! Stop by when you get a chance.
Love, Cindy

Magic Love Crow said...

I love your poems Janice! They are truly wonderful! You have a gift with words!

Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above said...

Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop. Have a great week.
Debi, Charly, Marci, and Suzan