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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living on the Edge.............

Of the bed that is...........I am sure you have all seen the cute cartoons that show how much bed pets take up???? Well they are just so true.
We have four poodles. Not big dogs but well, they do like to snuggle. Bodi prefers the end of the bed because she is then under the fan, or by the open window depending on the season. She is our plus size model (shhhhhhhush)

 photo Bodicea.jpg
She is just the sweetest dog possible. She has all kinds of health issues, a lot to do with weight. When we first got her she was a black tuxedo poodle. She has faded to grey. Everyone loves Bodi. She does take up the space on the bed though.
Then there is Bijou. She is not so big but is long and spreads out. She never knows where she wants to be, she wants to be where everyone is who may be getting scratched at any given moment so is a pain in the butt at bedtime. It takes awhile for her to choose her spot. Usually ends up in the middle spread out across the center of the bed.
 photo Bijou-1.jpg
Next we have the terrible two...........two toy poodles on the small side but they have to be together and have to be touching me. They sleep under the covers, Brea prefers the top so she can give me kisses when I least expect it, or stick her paw in my face when she stretches. She is very put out if Bodi chooses to sleep up top. Then I cant find a space to put my arms. Brea is our naughty poodle. She just loves to be naughty and she is full of fun.
 photo brea.jpg
Bella is her sister, they have the same Dad. Bella is the quiet and sweet and shy one. She is always close to me. She sleeps by my belly curled up in the space made when I curl up on my side. She sits with me on the sofa, on the back as close as she can. Sometimes she sleeps on my shoulder. She is happy to be next to me and Brea in bed and sometimes they are kissing each others faces.
 photo bella.jpg

So it was the other night......I was laying on my back, Brea and Bella right next to me when Bodi decided to sleep up top. I could not find a spot to put my arm and had one leg hanging out the bed............I thought to myself "There is something wrong with this picture" All pets were happily snoring and I was wide awake and trying not to disturb them....................WHY? I ask myself and I not disturbing them.? Husband has half the bed and here I am sharing my inadequate side with 4 others. Hmmmmmmm.........SUCKER!!!!. Eventually I fell asleep and Bodi drifted off to the bottom of the bed. She does not like to be touched when she is sleeping. She likes her space (the nerve) So I could turn on my side and get comfortable.

 photo Picnikcollage-1.jpg


The French Hutch said...

HAHA!!! You sound like my sister who has the same problem with four cats.........Who wouldn't love those sweet faces. I have to say, your husband is a good sport. Mine would not be a happy camper with four pups in the bed. Love seeing the photos of your mischief makers..........Happy Saturday.

The French Hutch

Suzann said...

All your puppies are so sweet and adorable!!! And they don't sleep on yur hubby's side?
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

NanaDiana said...

OMGosh- That is funny. We used to have a black cockapoo that was funny to sleep with, too. MyHero did not like him in bed with us so he would wait until he was asleep and then creep up the bed until he was between us...they are so smart. Your babies are beautiful- xo Diana

Merlesworld said...

What fun plenty of company at bedtime, I have 4 cats but not a problem only one at a time, that I can manage.

Magic Love Crow said...

Maybe you should sleep on the floor? LOL!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Too funny Janice! Sounds familiar though as daughter and hubby shares their queen size bed with 2 corgis and 4 cats (The bunny stays in his cage though!).
Blessings Dear and I hope you get a good night sleep!