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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tristen gets a bike...........

Grandpa Dan decided the little whipersnapper needed a two wheel bike. He has one at his Auntie Laura's. He was quite happy with his 3 wheeler having only just got the hang of that, but never mind. He is now the proud owner of a two wheeler with training wheels.
 photo 0ed02134-edc5-47e8-8bd0-ef63d7265f00_zpsa54521de.jpg
So we proudly set off up the sidewalk.........this trip is only just up the path a ways
 photo 2a99259a-f819-4061-a11c-6d6a8fe0756c_zpsc52cfde8.jpg
Out of the front garden and up the sidewalk to the road where we turn around. He did have a little trouble turning around.........
 photo 8280f839-f9e2-492f-97ea-f61898100d3b_zpse4fcbf97.jpg

 photo 7e239cf1-b87d-4e3e-9364-e7e67a5140f8_zpsc58bd330.jpg
It started to get tough going on the way back, he was struggling.......see the determination on that face though.
 photo f1d562f4-a0a9-48f9-b2b5-987558364ef6_zps60e66a62.jpg he stopped to take a look, check out his tool kit and see if something needed to be fixed.
 photo a8b15996-71e9-4244-8289-55763b081006_zpsaa53a111.jpg
 photo a417eb0a-592b-4b8a-b1ed-cfab4d6f50e2_zps6b99d9ad.jpg

It sure did......notice the front tyre, it's a little bit flat. Never mind.......with a few shoves from me we made it back OK.
 photo 23e928d7-13ae-4788-920d-c9ef442aafde_zps721c76d4.jpg
So the bike was put up for Grandpa Dan to fix. He did........ and Tristen got to ride another day.
 photo 5d025d8d-6e9b-4de7-be43-8a8fe2eef7f8_zpsec370fda.jpg


laurajane said...

Priceless,those moments spent with the baby's.Lovely pictures for his album.Hes such a lovely little chap.
Whippersnappers is a word I had forgotten,thanks for the memory,my dad used it all the time.xx

Magic Love Crow said...

Good going Tristen ;o) Love the new bike ;o)