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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tristens first bike ride on the Tart trail.......

Grandpa Dan took Tristen for a bike ride. The Tart Trail is a bike,hike,ski trail that runs from Traverse City to Sutton's Bay and also goes in the other direction. It runs in part where once there were railway lines. They biked a mile there and a mile back. Not bad for a first attempt. After all he is only 3 1/2. Dan has been doing 30 to 40 miles some evenings. they go.
 photo da0757ec-ad94-4e15-b4f3-36761b46fd4e_zps9952ff23.jpg
They stopped for breaks, and he had to explore too..........
 photo 5954a40c-882a-4d52-ac29-c46b97b51f65_zpsa4094e26.jpg
He had a little time to check out the water and see what's happening in the creek.
 photo d02f7311-a137-4f4c-a7e4-71cc73ec15e4_zpsb9b00fd3.jpg
 photo f0aecc3a-96e7-4684-af7e-fdee43338056_zpsd29a97bd.jpg
They went a bit further and then had another break. Love the old barn. He liked the pump for the water and had fun with that.
 photo 41e7af48-07d5-4aea-92ca-3f569dabedc2_zps975b8d1c.jpg
Here he is the day before doing a trial run around the neighbourhood. Dan takes him. I don't ride a bike. I never had one as a kid so never really learned. I mean I can ride but only just. Certainly not well enough to supervise a tot.
 photo 6735ec01-6df4-4e9e-bc7f-b4a8db617399_zpsa8752de2.jpg
Here they come
 photo 36199bee-a7d1-4bf1-9e35-f28a9b0e0596_zpsbc18a78f.jpg
Wave to Nanny
 photo 06f03535-89b1-4a69-accb-5c4ef5aaabbb_zpsb36143e3.jpg
He wasn't done, he wanted to go round the block again.
 photo 9aff52fc-e505-41e6-8a39-2d22bb5f9d36_zps643bb7aa.jpg
One of these days I will have to try again. Last time I tried to ride my bike I found it very hard going..........come to find out my tyre was flat. Ho hum.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Priceless, Janice! His smile is worth a million!
In regard to the bicycle, you and me both Dear! I have two left feet for most things!

Merlesworld said...

Nice place to go for a ride , much to look at.

Linda said...

You are blessed with some lovely safe places for bike riding especially for the children.

Magic Love Crow said...

You made me laugh about your flat tire! LOL! I don't know when was the last time I biked! Great photos!!! A happy day ;o)