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Monday, June 3, 2013

Vampires and werewolves..................

I don't know how long I have had this fascination with them, Vampires and Werewolves that is but I do know its been a long time. Did it begin with American Werewolf in London or was it when I read "Interview With a Vampire"?......I don't know. I do know that "Interview with a Vampire" was one awesome book. I ended up reading the series until Anne Rice started to pump them out one after the other. Then joy of joys they made a movie.............and the cream on top well that was the cast. Makes me drool to think about it. Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise.....could they have cast it any better? NO!!!!! I mean to say, just look at this. He can bite me anytime. (sorry did I really say that?)

 photo 30282fa8-7639-4b43-8517-b4f9ec27a8ed_zps04ea6404.jpg
 photo de523e72-b12a-4811-a32b-10dc9a328ac1_zpsa1854200.jpg
Well after watching that, I kind of went on to watch quite a few Vampire movies. I like the ones that are not just an excuse for gore. I like a great story. I don't like a farce but a bit of humour is nice. Take "Being Human" the British version........awesome. Yes a bit of gore but offset with humour to take the edge off. It is the story of a Vampire, Werewolf and Ghost. The two lead guys left the series and I lost interest after that. The original 3 people had such great rapport that it just would not be the same without them. The British humour at its best. I tried to watch the American version but could not get into it It was those 3 people that made the show. If you have not seen it, give it a go (Netflix)I may try to watch the rest now I have got over looking the two main guys to see how it went after that. Might even watch the American version.
 photo 8741276e-52bd-45a0-b661-666f293d14ab_zps0c2b55c9.jpg
I was reminded of George in Being Human (who was so so funny) while watching our latest series "Teen Wolf". This was recommended to me by someone I know on Facebook. I was skeptical because its about teens. However its far better than the Twilight series. I was not keen on that. It's tense and funny and we are in about episode 8 right now. I think there are 3 seasons. I love Netflix and watching a whole season. Spoils us for having to wait for next week. We are currently watching "The Walking Dead" one of the best TV shows and I hate zombie movies, but the storyline is just so good that its a not to miss series. I watched the first two seasons on Netflix to catch up. Anyway, Teen Wolf has a side kick that so reminds me of George that I laugh out loud. I guess I love guys with intense eyes and with these kinds of movies its all in the eyes isn't it.
 photo 27ee0bd6-a93a-4595-a7cd-25e15ed6fcd3_zps52a5d90d.jpg
One of the first Vampire movies that I loved and watched over and over was "Lost Boys" again, the cast was incredible. I mean to say .......Billy Weurth, Kieffer Sutherland among others. Good grief, no wonder I am addicted.
 photo 881af590-4270-4769-ac58-d9fc986f8d9e_zps0c297dee.jpg
I didn't watch Lost Boys 2 because, well it just would not be the same. There have been loads of films, not too many are ones I want to see again. "Blade" "Vampyres" and ugh "Dracula" just do not have it, watched them and "Dusk to Dawn"......but not my taste. Its those beautiful guys who are just so naughty. I can not resist. Can not wait for next season of "The Walking Dead" the hero's are not Zombies thank goodness yuck. How could I forget "The Vampire Diaries"?
Just look at those eyes.........Ian Somerhalder
 photo d45e3185-c7d6-446b-bd36-f54ccb9d1e6c_zpsdaeffd3e.jpg

So...........for all you guys who hate this genre, so sorry........I just had to let you see my nasty little secret hehehehehe................


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I am a HUGE fan of Twilight but I read all the books before I ever saw the movies and holy moley they were soooo much better. Though don't get me wrong, I saw them many many times.

I am Team Jacob, btw. Even went to the all-day Marathon for the midnight premiere of the last one, Breaking Dawn 2 with my two daughters.

As for vampires, Interview with a Vampire was amazing.

We're big The Walking Dead fans, too - in fact a blogger tea friend of mine, Angela from Tea With Friends recently posted that one of her friends (rl) is an extra in it - how fun is THAT?

Anyway, I may have to check out the other stuff you mention!

Have you seen the movie recently out called Warm Bodies? Loved it: a zombie love story that is just so cute and well done, trust me, don't even watch the trailer, just see it when you can.

See? You aren't alone with your "secret." There's lots of us out here, haha.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love Lost Boys, American Werewolf in London, and Interview With A Vampire, I am with your girl, he can bite me anytime! LOL! Great post Janice ;o)