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Monday, August 19, 2013


Do you remember when you were little, how they would throw confetti at weddings?
I lived in a small village in England and I just loved it when there was a wedding on a Saturday afternoon. The High street would be full of coloured confetti (paper) and we would love to pick it up. It seemed magical somehow. There was an old man in the village back then, he swept the streets with a broom. Most of the people my age remember him. He had a limp (a wooden leg I think) and he would also dig graves. No matter............the confetti was swept up and no harm done. Times changed and the mechanical street sweepers came along and somehow or other the paper was no longer beautiful it was "a mess" and so it was done away with.
Wedding with pretty, (picture from web)

 photo ff8d4924-bf02-4228-8d38-bd326b490b9e_zps02b2bfda.jpg

After that rice became popular but they found it was not good for the wild life. So then they tried bird seed. Good luck with that when the seeds sprouted after the rain.
So here is an article from The Daily Express. What a wonderful idea. Freeze dried flower petals.
 photo ca0eec37-5815-44bd-b78e-a049cace6357_zps79606a80.jpg
Farmer Charles Hudson started the company after chancing across soggy paper confetti littering the grass outside his local church a week after a wedding. Many churches ban the use of the stuff on their grounds just for that reason.
Arriving home, Mr Hudson came up with a novel solution. Some petals fell from the flower bouquet he was carrying for his wife, and he had a 'eureka' moment.
 photo b9cdcbc7-1cfe-4f62-aa53-e13cdb016a37_zps08214d50.jpg
Their foliage alone is handsome enough for many gardeners, but ligularias’ spires of blazing flowers are what really enchant
'It just struck me that real flower petals might make a wonderfully natural and biodegradable alternative to the ghastly stuff over the road,' Mr Hudson told the Daily Telegraph Magazine.
 photo 858658f3-0db5-4069-8987-16cb6e4c5878_zpsd722590a.jpg
He switched some fields from cereal production, knowing that, if it came off, he would be the first to tap a daisy fresh market.
Now his flowers have been hurled as far away as the beaches of Martinique and graced the weddings of celebrities like Maddona and Catherine Zeta Jones.
Mr Hudson's flower fields are open to the public. The flowers will be in bloom at the end of June early July depending on the amount of sunshine and should last until the beginning of August.
What great idea, now weddings can be pretty again and traditional. see the original article in the Daily Mail


NanaDiana said...

I wonder how soon they will find something wrong with that!! It is so funny- I used to love the confetti, too. Now, here, they blow bubbles from little individual bubble containers. It's pretty but doesn't work much when it is freezing out- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, imagine that! Amazing

Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea. Funnily enough we were at Claydon House (National Trust) recently, where there is a private chapel. There was confetti scattered around, and we both said it is years since we saw it. I have to admit, it looked a mess!

Merlesworld said...

That a pretty good idea.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

In my area, you can only blow bubbles which I think although pretty, is messy for the person blowing them.

Magic Love Crow said...

I think this is a great idea! Fantastic!!!