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Friday, August 9, 2013

cooling off in the woods

We went for a walk in the woods the other day. It was supposed to be cooler. Well it was but not cool enough for me.Fall is in the air, the leaves are just showing signs of changing. The yellow daisies and later flowers are out now. Funny how in Spring the flowers are yellow, daffodils, primroses etc, now again in Fall the Black eyed Susies and many others are yellow, a deeper yellow like Sunflowers. Anyway, we went to the playground but there were a few people there and Reina asked to go for a walk so off we went.

 photo 9adf55f7-ea86-4f9f-8eee-1acc6573c57f_zpsd5d8fb54.jpg
This pond is on one side and there are a couple more in the same area. This one has Water lily on it. Lots of turtle but they were shy
 photo 3c5179bd-6f28-41a4-901e-7cabf7bdbc78_zpse74bc6d4.jpg
I wanted dragon fly but they didn't cooperate. So I got a water lily instead
 photo a0ffafb3-ad31-4de7-b990-b47dde519f8b_zpsca41f5d0.jpg
A lovely reflection on this pond of the barn across the way
 photo b0b0a8f5-3df8-484d-a71c-88e9b1ac8b3b_zpse7520a1d.jpg
I can do without the heat but will miss summer walks in the woods and days on the beach. With Fall coming and back to school we must make the most of the last days of summer
 photo 1a80768b-269a-4f99-8371-487a3f7a50eb_zps3492a502.jpg
 photo 484dd7ea-3a41-4f49-80eb-d0c5fe6059a9_zps144316c3.jpg
I love taking pictures of the wildflowers. Seldom see wildlife because of those two rowdy young ones. Was the same when mine were kids.
This is not Queens Annes Lace.........I think of it as Cow Parsley, not sure of the correct name
 photo 5ed82e99-f581-4bb5-a14f-8f94784d8d9b_zpsae20df30.jpg
A pretty close up
 photo 6af0ed64-2805-4997-b143-b8e99b39f9af_zps204dcf17.jpg
This is the weed/daisy thats in my garden

 photo d4a3d7ae-4126-4116-a1de-13b6ee60192f_zpsb7e24ccd.jpg
I mean, its not that we do a lot but I have to think the kids will remember the time we spent with them.
 photo 2aec2ae5-2062-41e1-aa48-a02a2d0eccf1_zps243f5179.jpg
See the beauty in simple things, it all around us.

 photo a23eb7bb-1e72-4d8a-8283-bd457e12debb_zpsc5426b95.jpg

Close up of the wasp
 photo 0109eaab-d156-41a6-8072-eac9dfbbabe7_zps182037af.jpg
The sky was beautiful and strange. Looked like a rasher of bacon

 photo aad5c9af-bd0e-49d9-a769-c8922d5f21ca_zps85032e16.jpg
 photo 4630730b-a2d4-46af-8cc0-0aca7497fd5d_zps5bfd9095.jpg

 photo d2c0d315-7666-49ff-8b48-5ea1c0aa1e5c_zpsa1b66dca.jpg

We were pooped,amazing that it was only in the 70s and should have been cool after the high temps this summer but.........too much for us. We left the park and managed to get away without going back to the playground by me tempting them with ice cream. We went to Moomers................yum!!!!
 photo eee24a80-5753-43ba-8566-7b066cfa36d6_zpsa9a5fc42.jpg

 photo moomers_zps56f0d245.jpg


NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful day and walk in the woods. The sky was pretty amazing looking. I love the memories you are making there- they will last a lifetime. xo Diana

Noelle the dreamer said...

An icecream sounds delightful! A rare commodity for us on the island since we must travel far for supplies and stand in line for the 12 cars ferry...
Happy days will be remembered by those youngsters always Janice!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Looks like a lovey day for making memories.

Magic Love Crow said...

You got me laughing about the bacon in the sky! Very cute! Good eyes ;o) Love the pictures ;o) Looked like a great day! I hope you enjoyed the ice cream ;o)

Anonymous said...

It's funny, but as a child I never noticed that summer was winding down in August. Now I notice the chill in the morning air, and the shorter days. You are right, we should make the most of these last days.