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Sunday, August 11, 2013

moving house.............

Well I got the guys, Gerry and Dan to move the play house for me. Here's the thing. Tristen always wants to be where I am. His play area was back in the shade area of the garden. He has been sticking pretty much to the garden path within sight of the deck. I will sit there to watch the birds. So he is always right within sight of me. I noticed this past week in particular he has played really nice on his own, but on this side of the garden. So...............I decided there was room to move his play house from the back to the side. Gerry didn't want to as it was a bit of a job, but was coaxed into it.
 photo cc5ff9ca-00dc-429d-8520-48563d9c5c4b_zps8c3f0e5b.jpg
The area gives him a concrete base for his house instead of dirt and it gave us a chance to clean it out. The gate that opened onto the neighbours was never used. As its not a permanent structure we can move it again if we want to. I like it here.
 photo eaa87e80-9bbb-4925-8c8a-008013466b0f_zps410822db.jpg
I do think I will pad the corners on the house though because I can see myself hitting something on the edges. Anyway he is happy with the change. Now I can redesign the area at the back. The sand box is still there but I am not sure I want that either...........he digs in the bloomin garden so what to do? The sand is always gone. Spread all over the wood chips. As it is now I have two chairs there for who ever is watching Tristen, he always wants compamy.

 photo 8f4dc0e7-c226-40be-914e-7bd009dd873a_zpscde6a98a.jpg
But now, on its own the sand box is a bit of an eye sore.
 photo 0003c01a-edea-4b5b-9894-bc444bcff0f3_zpsa14c9417.jpg
What can I do with this? Hmmmm.
Well I did make his parking area for his bikes bigger. SO maybe if I put the sand box there it would be next to the garden he digs up..............nah..........that wont work. Next to the play house? The thing is, next year I may be able to get a climbing frame or something else back there. Or simply make it back into a seating area. Then of course he will want to play back there wont he. I am starting a rock garden to the side.
 photo e39e015c-7821-4e94-be68-476947549ad2_zps9431dc17.jpg
Well all I can say is its a work in progress and for one small boy it seems like a lot of bother haha.


Anonymous said...

It looks like one of the on going projects that will always be evolving. Nice little house, it fits well in its new space.

Magic Love Crow said...

I want a house like this! Too cute! I think where you moved it, looks great! Have fun changing everything ;o)

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Janice, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I love Tristen's play house, such a lucky little boy to be so loved. Your garden looks lovely, a wonderful post! Have a great day :) We will be on the road soon but I enjoy checking in and trying to answer as many comments as I can. Guess I'd better get going now.