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Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Autumn Walk................

 photo e8cc247b-f49d-4ebc-a1d0-dda1a055a792_zps185e2c76.jpg
Dan got home early and it was such a nice day we decided to go for a walk. Tristen was ready to go. We went to the park but decided to walk rather than let him play first. He needed the exercise, me too. He was off at a run.
 photo af671ded-f397-495a-8878-fdaeddb5c784_zpsfec1e119.jpg
The ponds were perfect reflections of the woods and things around us
 photo 150b3288-68b8-4642-b22b-3c126f7da19e_zps33ede2ea.jpg

There were plenty of ducks around, doing ducky things
 photo ca938e22-25dd-44e2-a420-25eecccd4cff_zps6404e146.jpg
 photo 8c0eb399-5c9e-4d14-8cfd-7513efbfd893_zps43e28d3f.jpg
A few other critters too.
 photo 0300c510-837f-4b4f-b6cb-6af810398add_zpsbb4d6088.jpg

The sand was a little slick in his Spiderman shoes.
 photo 781c5eb4-a838-4546-9cbd-e9043ed054a3_zpsb1960eba.jpg
............and I did tell him not to run down hill. He did a face plant at the bottom and got sand in his eyes..........
 photo 9995bc55-ea5c-448e-a1d3-1a3647dbaeed_zps35268100.jpg
Or was it from rolling in it earlier?
 photo 03da5460-0735-4a36-a715-30f224be1d3d_zps34d990b4.jpg
Meanwhile the ponds looked beautiful and calm even with Tristen there, well, maybe because his cohort Reina was not?
 photo 6c61c4f2-7cae-4e25-a0b1-909a800df6d0_zpsdda1289f.jpg

 photo c5482447-2115-4f01-baab-95d0cfe97eca_zps4eebcb0a.jpg
And then he was off to the playground, but we were all tired by then so it did not take too much to get him back to the car and off home. For a nap.
 photo 1bb26820-fddd-42c1-b004-4e389ad1a9a0_zps28a693df.jpg


NanaDiana said...

You are sure a good "mom" to Tristen I can tell that you love him and he so needs you in his life-someone to protect him and see him through all the steps of his boyhood. You have a lot on your plate but I do believe that God doesn't give us more then we can bear. He has been entrusted to you for a reason...but you know that.

Blessings to you- I think you should have napped with him. He is really a darling little boy. xo Diana

Maureen Wyatt said...

All the pictures are lovely but the last one is adorable! He's such a handsome child and what could be sweeter than him curled up sleeping on your lap!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I swear Tristen gets bigger in each post! He is a very good looking boy.

Merlesworld said...

He is growing up fast and they have so much energy, looks like you needed a nap too.
Merle......... ........... ............

Magic Love Crow said...

What a beautiful day for all of you! Even with rolling in the sand! LOL! I love the photos! The last picture of you and Tristen is so precious! Big Hugs ;o) (thanks for the payment, will send some extra treats !)