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Monday, September 23, 2013

Now he's four.....................

Another year gone by and my little man is 4. His mother would be so proud. He is her image. When asked what sort of cake he wanted he said Spiderman. So here it is
 photo d1257762-1f83-48aa-91ed-f0290ca20352_zps59186ff7.jpg
We had his birthday yesterday as it was Sunday. We had a nice group come and visit. It looks like for the immediate future his birthday party will be mainly adults as those are who are in his life at the moment. Besides, its easier for me that way haha. Maybe as he gets older he will have 2 birthday parties. Who knows. I am not really into birthdays and only do this for him as a way to thank the people who are in his life and who are a great support for me. They encourage me and inspire me.
 photo 1850a92c-8a53-4ab9-a6e9-1d759325f273_zpsf3ba55ce.jpg
The three ladies in the chairs are (closest to camera) Laura Herman, she is wonderful with Tristen and has him every other weekend. She loves having him and her and husband Todd do a lot of things with him that Gerry and I just can not do. We either do not have the resources or money. So she is a big part of his life and as we get older she will no doubt do more for him as he grows up. Next to her is his auntie Phyllis, I suppose a great aunt really as she is his grandfather Dan's aunt. Next to her is Sue Winowiecki, mother of Bill who was Alexandra's fiance.
 photo a21e4b00-c429-4a76-8054-2a375b04b8ee_zpsfdbc0cea.jpg
Above on the sofa talking to Tristen is Bill and his new love Stephanie. It's the first time we met. Bill asked if she could come or would it be weird? I said of course bring her, we wanted to meet her and I don't want it to be weird, not sure Alex would agree but haha...she cant say much now can she. Reina is on the other couch with Raylene.
The next picture is of Raylene and Reina contemplating the cake
 photo bdfab763-8223-47b3-a73b-613066ad2527_zpse2bf55d1.jpg
 photo 5a944979-4001-4df0-93f1-da47faca03a3_zps20dc37b2.jpg
 photo f543acd1-5795-4304-a8a2-8e6815050381_zps20181b1b.jpg
We had cold cuts with cheese and rolls, bread and different dressings. A potato salad I made and a chicken macaroni salad I made. I also made meatballs in a yummy sauce and should have made more. We had chips and dips and strawberries with a yogurt dip and raspberries. Little cakes and nuts and yogurt popcorn. Lots of snacks as well as the cake but we forgot the icecream. Its still in the freezer. We took the cake in the front room so he could blow out the candles
 photo 5b068ee7-68d5-4b4f-b451-b210b8102e21_zpsd23dbca7.jpg
 photo b00b56c8-42f0-4a2c-aba8-54237527dfed_zps975f9165.jpg
 photo d1bbc407-3727-48cb-86b7-f4f236234688_zpseb2723fc.jpg
 photo b86f58da-a1ed-47e5-baf4-d6920a93ce0e_zps513e81ed.jpg
That is Bill and Steph watching him blow out the candles. Bill almost married Tristens mum so its sort of sad in a way but I am so glad he is still a part of his life, and ours. I am happy he has found someone nice and has moved on. He is a very nice guy.
Next came cake. He was asked if he wanted a he said he didnt need one
 photo 09f57f43-f61a-4b63-9b86-58c25f12714f_zpsb45ebccf.jpg

 photo cc1895e2-7fea-4927-bdbb-8be5004463a4_zps1610c696.jpg
Oh my poor carpet. Why is it you even bother giving little kids a plate. When done they dump it off on the floor anyway.
This is me with Cooper. I was about to have a small cake, Cooper looked like he may want to try it so I put just a little bit of frosting on my finger. He got a taste of that and grabbed my finger and sucked the life out of it. He has a tooth coming in I might add.
 photo 71c6d045-522b-43cb-8786-afe14b7c6d55_zps2dc1e823.jpg
 photo 1180ecda-e1ae-4b46-9221-2ffd049e13d5_zps1b4e49fc.jpg
Almost sitting up is our boy Cooper. Such a happy baby and he always laughs when he sees me.

 photo fc232631-1005-4768-8607-13935f4771b6_zps16557b5b.jpg
So aunt Carole bought him a Superman costume. She was a bit worried because we do not celebrate Halloween but I said that does not mean he cant have fun dressing up. He has worn it ever since.
 photo 161d337b-0d8b-4175-9ddb-5221effa31f1_zpsf77f1178.jpg

 photo 2ac0e64e-4446-45e0-9492-bd7d58d687cb_zpsaf14922b.jpg


Noelle the dreamer said...

Happy Birthday Tristen and what a party! So Spiderman is your favourite? It was my son's too when he was little (I made him a cape with Spiderman's logo and he wore it everywhere!)
Very nice home Janice...Is that a Hoosier cabinet I spotted? You have me green with envy...
Thanks for sharing these special moments!

Magic Love Crow said...

What a great day! Tristen is very fortunate to be so loved and cared for! You can feel the love! Excellent pictures! Fun pictures with you and the baby ;o)Loving all the food ;o) You have a beautiful home Janice ;o) Hugs ;o)