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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Hanky........

King Richard II of England, who reigned from 1377 to 1399, is widely believed to have invented the cloth handkerchief, as surviving documents written by his courtiers describe his use of square pieces of cloth to wipe his nose. Certainly they were in existence by Shakespeare's time(wiki).Thank goodness for King Richard II. Can you imagine prior to that? All those gorgeous clothes with yucky sleeves. Especially during flu season.
This is a wooden box that I painted. I keep my collection of hankies in it.
 photo 9b763fde-200b-487c-bfc3-75f7d2f540c7_zps6c8114ea.jpg
inside lined with felt.I made it from a plain wood box I bought, varnished and lined. Then I painted the top.
 photo 66cc6a0d-df22-4b33-8d38-91ad0467855b_zps0dc027b8.jpg
Some of the hankies I keep inside.
 photo f13da360-7e21-485c-a4f5-296fdc296bc0_zps220e21b7.jpg
 photo a9658406-80b2-4f28-b020-21c4ba125243_zpsfa87d97d.jpg
some of the ones I have I got for the lace on them.
 photo b3aeea63-8ce1-4f28-9ff8-f2e76a45f788_zps1a0b9622.jpg
I think I have a lot more than I show here, but I am not sure what I have done with them. I thought I would like to make pillows with some.
 photo 6ffe09e4-f92f-4887-839d-5fa91c39f5a9_zps8eb15a86.jpg
The Handkerchief was a staple for many years as a birthday or Christmas gift. No one uses them now and thats sort of a shame. Would be nice to keep one in your purse, just not for a cold.
 photo 1ace0ceb-1923-4cb8-9db6-379560d53b18_zps62d1470c.jpg
 photo d11c2a06-e934-4f80-8887-30b7c3ce5f95_zpsfecfb4b6.jpg
I know I have a lot more somewhere because these are not all the hand edged ones. Ah well........who knows.
 photo b1b30a97-3f6a-415f-86ca-b173fdf6a6d4_zps5f5c563b.jpg
This one I should give to Danielle...............I can not remember when I got this one with the D on it but its pretty so I keep it.

 photo 58174428-d2e3-40d7-81d7-ab478f7e8873_zpsb62c8490.jpg
So why do we not keep or use these any more? Yes, it can be a health thing, but to keep one on hand for the odd sneeze or to wipe your hands or mop a brow. Why use disposable all the time. Why not bring back the handkerchief. Many nice classy men keep one for just such occasions. You would think ladies would enjoy them too.
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NanaDiana said...

It is funny how real hankies fell out of favor with the advent of tissues. We are such a "toss it" world now, aren't we? Those are some beautiful hankies there- xo Diana

Merlesworld said...

I don't own any hankies but my mum had boxes of them.
As a child we used plain ones every day and she had special ones for special outings, some were very beautiful.

Magic Love Crow said...

Janice, you made me laugh about all those gorgeous clothes with yucky sleeves! LOL! Your wooden box is beautiful and I love all your hankies! So much detail! I have some too, that I have kept ;o) I do think people should use them more! Just to let you know, I have added snow in the sky! There is a lot of detail, but I am loving painting this! Take Care, Hugs ;o)

Cindy Adkins said...

Those lovely old hankies are too pretty to wipe your nose on! Isn't it funny that we take for granted that things like hankies have been around forever! I admit, I'd never thought about what it was like before their invention. That's what's so fascinating about history! For me, anyway. Nice post! Love, Cindy P.S. I posted on my blog today!!