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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My lovely Great Grandsons............

This was a great day, both kids in a great mood. Tristen is a little jealous of other kids around me. He has decided he likes Cooper though. He knows he is like a big brother for him, and even though they are cousins they will be very close. So........I was babysitting for Cooper and Tristen wanted to play with him. So here are a few pictures that I took. When Tony came to pick up Cooper Tristen told him Cooper was going to live with us now.
 photo 19396ce3-a274-4398-b213-ed02806e1bdf_zps313bd459.jpg
 photo ed059975-5e65-411f-8f50-8e1976ccb209_zps0f606e9b.jpg
At this point Cooper is the complete opposite of Tristen. He is quiet and always smiling. Such a good baby. Tristen was always a handful and still is.
Here they are seemingly consulting
 photo 785dab8f-f97c-44cf-8878-998ad9eced07_zpsc5836005.jpg
Such a happy baby
 photo 606ce730-8175-4ded-85f0-0fdcc0edc868_zpse3da84fa.jpg
Well they were hamming it up together.....
 photo 7696715b-8137-4231-8600-2f08af81110e_zpsc86880d9.jpg
Tristen loves Bodi and didn't want her to feel left out so he gave her a big hug so she was not upset
 photo 9ec3d64f-50f3-4344-8120-75b4813c01be_zps451797cb.jpg
The boys are going to be an item some day, they will be in so much mischief I just know it
 photo 06b1566d-3f29-459c-b94f-c5da776d6c0a_zps77d1e056.jpg
Tristen wanted to hold him so he sat with him on his lap. Granddad of course supervised.
 photo 8f6ff644-2d64-43e4-9b48-4bb4b303ab18_zps49aae279.jpg
 photo 51161bab-70e8-4ec1-ba68-a85faffcc429_zps679ce1fb.jpg
Well I will quit bragging and shut up now, but they are quite handsome are they not. Cooper always laughs when he sees me. Probably knows I will feed him. He does like his food at the moment. Tristen is not so easy to please. He is learning independence and knows his own mind.


Anonymous said...

They are both gorgeous boys, and how great is it that Tristen has decided to like Cooper. Lovely pics.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Janice ;o) I've had computer problems for over a week! Just got my computer back today! I will e-mail you tomorrow! Love this post so much! Both boys are so precious! So happy they love each other! Cooper is so happy! Hugs ;o)