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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


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Something I love as much as Bluebells are Violets. I have a nice little collection of china with violets on. I am "collecting" them now. I almost have a set. Not matching but well, I don't really want it to match.
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My love began when I was a child. My friend Sylvia and me would go looking for the first Violets in the Spring. We knew where just about every patch grew and exactly when the first buds would was a fun game and we must have walked miles collecting a little bouquet to take home for our mums.We were friends for a very long time and are still in touch.
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So really my favourite things are all about memories. People and places I remember. I am very sentimental when it comes to things like that. Friends mean the world to me and always have. Places too. I am very attached to places.
Anyway...........Violets have meaning to me. Funny that it means Faithfulness isn't it.
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The Victorians loved Violets, they are seen on all kinds of cards, notices and note paper. It was often scented. My Grandmothers name was Violet and my Mothers middle name was Violet.

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I have probably done a post on this before but ah well, I love to think about it now and then. Have you ever tasted Violets? They taste like they smell......beautiful.
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As a child we had candy that was violet flavoured. Then there is talc and creams and perfumes...........Ahhhhhh. Delightful.


Merlesworld said...

At my mothers we had violets growing in shaded and secret places, you had to know where to find them and you are right they do smell wonderful but it's the colour I always loved.
Merle.......... ........... ............

Anonymous said...

ahhh, violets, aren't they lovely, the dishes are beautiful, I would love those too, I have never eaten violet flavored candy but I have heard of it, sounds wonderful, isn't that cake beautiful with the violets!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful violet post! I've never tasted a violet, but I seem to remember "violet water" as a child--perhaps more of a perfume?

Magic Love Crow said...

Yes, I have tasted violets! A taste I couldn't explain, but very pleasing ;o) Very special that you and your friend are still in touch ;o) Beautiful post!

JOHN SHORTLAND, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

As country children we always knew where to find the first violets in flower. The white ones were especially favoured. Recently, I found some growing wild that were white with mauve streaks and took a cutting which has been growing well. Beautifully scented, too, which is a bonus.

When my grandmother came to England from Poland as a young woman, 100 years ago, the only items she brought with her were a set of violet patterned cups. They are now greatly treasured by my sister and ready to be handed onto the next generation.

Lovely post as always, Janice.