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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Old Wives Tales...............

So, what do I mean by Old Wives Tales..............I am afraid our food supply had been compromised. The earth itself has been compromised, I mean the very dirt itself. Years ago when something grew in the dirt, it took in the minerals that were in the ground it grew in. Over time the earth was depleted of its goodness. The old farmers knew to leave the earth fallow every 3 years. It would replenish itself. Now we use chemicals. The thing is its not just that. The food chain is affected in many ways. The cows eat the grass that is grown in chemically enhanced earth. Food animals are vaccinated with chemicals for every disease known to man and fed food that is not natural to them, including offal and waste products from the slaughter houses. Our grain is altered with DNA from goodness knows what to combat diseases and fed to cattle as well as people who then consume the meat. So it is that today we suffer from diseases and ailments unheard of in years past.
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We are told that Butter, Bacon and this and that are not healthy. Well Codswallop. The old farmers would work a couple of hours before breakfast and eat Eggs,bacon and toast with butter or dripping. They would eat ham or anything to fill them up with a good slice of good bread. They would work it all off and eat a huge supper, all good food grown and raised on good grass in clean fields.
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I am of course talking about what I know, about life in England in the olden days as they say. I have no idea but suspect it was much the same here. Bread was made from pure products and it showed, the beef tasted good. It was usually slaughtered at the place it was sold, at least when I was a kid. It did not need preservatives and colour added to make it palatable.
The milk came from the cows, it was pasteurized but not homogenized. There was cream on the top.

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We used more natural things to heal ourselves. The old midwives knew all the tricks and usually delivered babies safer than ever they are in hospital. Two of my the kids were born at home. It was awesome and one bonded well with the new baby, the whole family did. The thing is the baby was born into the environment that it was to live in with a built in immune system to the germs in the house. In a hospital there are those super bugs that are getting resistant to medications.
We used cloth diapers, no plastic. No waste. Boiled to keep clean and hung in the fresh air.
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If you go back far enough you will find that maggots were used to clean wounds, especially on a battlefield........they are beginning to use maggots now on flesh that is gangrene. Leeches..........they are using those again for certain things. ...........a long time ago Vets found that if they induced sleep in a dog it gave the animals body a chance to heal our doctors induce coma's. So.......don't ever just dismiss what the old folks said years ago. They learned their wisdom the hard way, not from books. Oh I know, I am not putting down modern medicine but sometimes you need to think for yourself and explore all options. I was told if you use pain medicine for every slight thing then when you really need it, well it wont work so well. I don;t know if that;s true or not but I go by that and if I am wrong then its still OK because I am not putting stuff into my body. I don't/won't us low fat, decaffeinated, sugar free or anything chemically altered. The whole problem is so much of the food is processed and we don't know what or how. So we can't make good informed decisions.
If you use sugar use the real thing just less of it. Use butter not margarine thats as good as plastic. Butter is good for you. Use the real thing just less.
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Another thing I know is if you get stung by stinging nettles there will be Dock leaves growing close by. They are an antidote to the logic tells me that if a disease comes out of a certain place, look at its origins to find the antidote. What do I know. Not a lot but aren't some things just plain common sense? Chemicals? or natural foods? fresh or processed? Home or hospital.Old folks used to be cared for by family, even if they didn't live as long surely they were happier? This is just my opinion but can't we learn a few things from the old timers?


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Amen, sister!

You nailed it, all I can say is - well done, you are completely and absolutely right!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. It is terrifying what is being done to food in the name of progress, and with all these low fat, low sugar options available, why are there so many obese people? I think you are right, we should eat butter, sugar, etc, but in reduced quantities.

Anonymous said...

yes yes!!!! I agree, beautifully written!!!