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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Iris Farm..............

Today we went to the Four Seasons Nursery. I had Reina for the day and I thought she might like to help me make a Fairy Garden. Well, on the way I had Gerry stop at the Iris Farm. Not to buy anything, I don't like having to wait until Fall to get the Iris........but to take pictures. It is a beautiful place.
 photo 485bc504-7037-4732-93e6-fa3940eff0d9_zps039f8288.jpg
The farm is on an old farm. Its been in the same family for ever. It says so on its Centennial plaque.
 photo 63f25f4d-27c1-486f-8f98-0758c205c6e9_zps3656d545.jpg
The barn is wonderful and so are all the out buildings. The house too. A dream place. I would love an old farm. Not in my lifetime I'm afraid. I can only imagine what it would cost. Well when we win the lottery right?
 photo d9b835ff-4f72-4014-8321-1481a26c9dd1_zps01f495cb.jpg
 photo 06580de0-3149-4a41-8f8a-7ee964c893e8_zps328af2c6.jpg
 photo f0f06f1c-ca22-4b4e-a520-02a7e5b34e3a_zps9a670bb0.jpg
There are just so many varieties of Iris, the colours, the names......fantastic. I could not choose, I wanted them all. I took a few pictures. I think I like the pink blush colours and the pale lavender. Oh goodness there are just so many. You can also pick them to use as cut flowers. One doller a stem. they look wonderful in a vase.
 photo 7462adb8-fcfe-4565-8b85-7549a4c73605_zps5a1db763.jpg
 photo c772d3a8-11fb-4c80-aa82-8b40d80b87c2_zps023c293e.jpg
 photo e6c8815e-2db5-4a16-b597-cf03422201cc_zps1c721fa5.jpg
 photo 0065b91a-0ccb-40d3-88f5-901db87fb23b_zps0e1eb927.jpg
Anyway, its a nice place and although I did manage to get my pictures with few people in them it was bustling with activity. Doing a brisk business, and thats a good thing.
 photo 5fb89b99-7d55-49aa-8c59-8781270eaa26_zpsfac47cc9.jpg
More lovely buildings here.
 photo 826f4c74-9a70-46c2-b892-45d90bf53adc_zps2af04c2b.jpg
I really like this one. I didn't take the names because Gerry and Reina were waiting for me.
 photo 5b75ff84-9444-4602-9cc8-2ac4930f326f_zpsaa94a24d.jpg
 photo 9c178157-b193-431e-b1f5-cf62de860df4_zpsab24b133.jpg
Well I guess you have seen enough Iris for now.........
 photo 6d5960a4-158d-4ad4-915f-5bbc63d090cd_zps4cefc015.jpg
well maybe a couple more.
 photo 5f94197e-f65c-406f-a03d-5ead4b775754_zps5b52f917.jpg
 photo b6823240-c613-483d-a4b1-3fba892aa665_zps8089b5d7.jpg
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Anonymous said...

aren't they amazing, I have never saw so many in one place, beautiful!

NanaDiana said...

Those are AMAZING! I have never seen some of those colors. I really liked the blue and white ones but they are ALL just gorgeous. What a wonderful trip/experience! xo Diana

LOLfromPasa said...

Outstanding. I am seeing flowers in colors I never knew existed. Lovely series of shots.

Noelle the dreamer said...

Very nice Janice, thanks for sharing!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love Irises with all of their many color combinations! This farm looks like a fun place to browse--even the silo was a good photo opportunity!

Arija said...

So very beautiful! What a wonderful way to make one's living!

A Lady's Life said...

I am also a fan of old farms and the flowers are gorgeous to wake up to. I find nature to be incredible.
Truly heaven on earth.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous place! Gorgeous photos! I would love to go here ;o) Big Hugs ;o)