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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saturday adventure.............................

Saturday was cloudy and damp but the sun came out now and then, so .........not to let a damp day spoil our plans we went off on our adventure. I had hoped for a good art and craft show in Frankfort to be one destination. Wasn't that great but I got a few ideas. I almost bought one garden ornament but well.......I could do it myself. Maybe. At least I saw how it was made. More on that if I decide to do it. Anyway......we stopped for lunch in Crystal Lake and then headed out.....the wrong way. Don't talk and drive ladies. Got ourselves back on track and took the scenic route. Look at this fog coming in, was sort of creepy...
 photo dc56a6cd-6df2-46e1-9dee-e71bf9756eef_zps82da5ac1.jpg
We finally made it to Frankfort. Was not impressed with the art/craft festival but we love the town anyway. Tristen met a new friend. I tell him always ask the owner before petting a dog. The dog was very friendly and so he sort of gave us permission but his parents were proud to show him off. Gave Tristen some treats to give him.
 photo 8acaf6ad-7c68-45a5-81a3-8e32fc5e2a0f_zps4dea47fa.jpg
Laura and I thought this was cool. The kids were not impressed but were more interested in the play ground.
 photo 315eb5d0-ce68-4056-814f-37c67d71290d_zps6c1ee7ec.jpg
 photo f4fec237-cdd3-4366-a282-df51b9358c0f_zps756c7927.jpg
There was also a car show going on. None of us were interested in that but there were some cool old cars
 photo 62879c6c-2393-43a9-ba00-e4ff93c50c0a_zpsb3925311.jpg
I was more interested in the flowers but will save that for another post.
We left Frankfort to go to Manitou Gardens. One of my favourite places. It is a garden center with an antique shop, gardens and a bird sanctuary. It has a huge volume of stock in the gift shop part with all the garden ornaments and such. Love the Antique shop. The kids like the garden but mostly the sanctuary.
 photo 3888d371-8100-4760-9fa3-c0128c81473f_zps0661f147.jpg
Peacocks make one heck of a noise. If you watch English movies you will often hear the call of a Peacock. They are pets over there and live free to roam many a large estate. This guys name was Blue. He was trying desperately to get the attention of a white female.
 photo 10778198-df30-4f06-9f96-d132c657b578_zps13807cd6.jpg
The girl who came in to feed the critters was very nice and the kids hung on her every word. She let them feed the turtles, and she let them go into the employee only place to release some frogs to make room for some large ones. They felt privaleged. The little finches and white doves flew around at will. The rabbit was out and loved to be petted.
 photo 3bcff855-73f4-4fa4-90f2-a76ef6c109b3_zpsd319b0bf.jpg
The girls name was Grace, and here she is showing Tristen the tadpoles
 photo 90ec47c8-3c4f-4f07-a0c9-ec55dc7a7618_zps0c97ebba.jpg
Here is one of the little cuties who got his freedom.
 photo e4132680-447e-42d1-81fb-8baef9039cd4_zps54e3fc2d.jpg
Watching Blue up to his antics
 photo 8e26d2ed-c81e-40ed-9880-45f1bf88b113_zpsab2aff90.jpg
 photo 4f04a25b-87c5-4908-bcda-86faf59fd3d1_zps59d97d27.jpg
If only he could see how silly he looks from the rear. Ah well, thats a guy for ya.
So onwards.........I got a few herbs for my garden and we took off for the Llama farm. Didn't make it though. We saw deer and stopped to many times for pictures. This one was irresistable.
 photo 8c85b5fb-3613-4bbb-8984-25650ff63ce5_zps3228477c.jpg
 photo 17567879-f382-4a34-a2ce-e17cb221b827_zps9472a7d5.jpg
Must have been the sort of day that they liked because we saw deer in the woods and the fields and among the ferns and on the edges of woodlands. We let these ladies cross the road before moving on.
 photo 29268da9-861b-441e-93f2-7858071780b2_zps9c944908.jpg
 photo cdf9cf8b-9627-4d25-9bd7-785ff53aa6c6_zpsfb477899.jpg
We forgot the Llama farm because we were enjoying the deer so much. Anyway it was getting late. We also skipped the lighthouse with the fog along the lakeshore there may have been some good pictures but, oh well. Out of time. So when we got back on familiar ground we stopped at Moomers again. I had a coffee toffee ice cream. The kids had some chocolate brownie stuff and Laura a Sunday.
 photo 268766b6-739c-43d8-abea-5f84e488bcbc_zps75d39784.jpg
The kids were worn out by the time we got home. Still able to wolf down a bowl of spaggetti Os with toast though..........a good day out, if somewhat noisy. ooooooh boy are those two loud. I almost forgot. We were given a nice show by a local Robin at Moomers.......enjoy it too OK
 photo 8e54384c-03d7-4637-a933-1bfdf058ecf3_zpsf644a96e.jpg
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Noelle the dreamer said...

That last (bottom corner) photo of the robin is a gem, Janice!
We are still chilly here on the coast, lucky you!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Looks like a fun, really full, day! I got worn out just reading all you fit in!

One thing I miss around here is summer craft fairs. There are hardly any and less and less during the holiday season, too.

Poppy said...

Looks like a lot of fun, Janice! How cute is that bunny?!!


Magic Love Crow said...

You had a great day! Lots to do! You must have been tired when you got home! That was some thick fog! I love all the animal photos! That bunny is so cute ;o) Blue is beautiful ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

Forgot to say, that robin is too precious!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Janice, I love your blog. Your photos are gorgeous and it looks like you had a great time on you journey. Tristen is a doll.Thanks for sharing..Happy Thursday..Judy