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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wildflowers and stuff.................

Today Laura had the day off. We made the most of it. Yesterday we had gone out to do some errands and she took me by the field she often sees Sand Hill Cranes in. Well they were there but I didn't have a camera and her phone didn't take a clear enough, close enough shot for me to edit. we had a free day we went back with the camera. Naturally they were not there. Well two were and I could not get a good picture from the car. We stopped where we stopped yesterday and I went for a walk in the field. There was a large selections of wild flowers. I was impressed. I am sure it will soon be a hay field but today it was a beautiful meadow.
 photo a36ae129-ab30-484a-be69-4ec22b0f25e6_zps2c7115d0.jpg
We let the kids out, figured they could run off some energy. It was threatening rain all day so may as well get some activity in.
 photo 6b889dc5-e4c9-4910-8aba-7659c4b3e323_zps5c0729e7.jpg
I only got a few pictures of the many many variety of flowers growing here. The Canada geese were off and running, likewise the ducks on the pond. They did not like this interuption to their day and left post haste.
 photo c364778a-3a23-4601-9090-bea1b3fa084e_zpsabeae547.jpg
 photo f6326471-4438-464d-a143-50dfc2b53c5e_zps05842dbe.jpg
No the kids were not chasing them, they were way far away from where they were playing. The geese were in a planted field, I didn't allow the kids back there. I am a country girl and I respect the farmers land. Yes we were trespassing as it was, but we did not harm.
 photo d9d2e29c-2c2f-45df-a7d0-cbe0a193d976_zpsdf1249d4.jpg
Well seeing as there was no joy with the Cranes, we went to see Gerry at work. Tristen just loves to do that. So off we went. Here they are yelling for Granddad, who is on the roof.
 photo 303ab707-2449-4d53-97b7-abefbdf70fc9_zps5be31dc4.jpg
 photo bc36cde0-dc3b-44d2-9472-5006b5592f06_zps0c739950.jpg
There just happened to be the biggest pile of sand they had ever seen, other than the sand dunes. For a few minutes it was all theirs.
 photo dfedab36-3450-4712-8c02-0dc9aaa155ba_zps6d56bd70.jpg
They climbed and jumped and ran around and climbed and jumped again............sqealing with delight.
 photo 3b5fb736-f0c1-4485-b048-e9fc14642ffd_zpsea342f17.jpg
It was a job to get them back in the car, even with the promice of stopping at Moomers for ice cream
 photo 92a90bae-1efb-45dc-89f6-ba54b22554d4_zpscf5d6c91.jpg
I just know we will have to take them back again before they level off the area. So, having dusted off what sand and clay we could to make them half way presentable, off we went to Moomers.
 photo 520e546d-cdf9-4ec1-921d-25cf8a22aabd_zps424d3216.jpg
We sat and watched the cows. They have extended the deck since last year. You would never believe how packed the place gets in summer. This day was lucky we had the decks to ourselves. The kids were dirty and still noisy, now with chocolate all over their faces as well as the sand and dirt.
Moomers (I did a blog last year) makes their own ice cream, its next to the dairy. Here are some of the lovely ladies who provide the milk.
 photo 6722f069-d7a1-4a5d-882a-64df481f50c3_zps7c934ada.jpg
I try not to think of the sad mummy cows who loose their babies so they can provide us with dairy..........I am getting worse. I can no longer see cows in a field and enjoy the sight. I think about the babies and how their short life ends. Still, for a farm this is a beautiful one. Along the road is Gallaghers farm where the beef cattle are in the fields with their babies. We go to their produce store to buy meat and at least I see that those cows have a happy life.
The kids were not ready to go home so we next stopped at Twin Lakes park. Because of the weather we had all these wonderful places to ourselves. Summer is on the way and pretty soon it will be tourist season again. Slow to start this year due to weather. Well the traffic is bad and getting worse. Wont be long. They played for awhile and Laura and I walked around. The lake was overflowing due to the rain. The mosquito's were fierce. I came home with a brand new set of bites. Hope you like the froggie pictures because the mozzies ate me up while I was getting them.
 photo 4c37caac-9ab4-4ce3-bef1-35a400c2f44b_zpsef81997c.jpg
Tristen had to go potty. We showed him the porta potty (a very nice clean one) but he refused. He didn't like the blue stuff in it. I tried to tell him it was just the same as what I cleaned our toilets with at home but he didnt buy that one. We had to go home. That was the end of a rather nice day for an overcast wet one. Excuse me now as I scratch my bites.
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Anonymous said...

what a great day, you got some amazing photos, I love the action photos of the kids jumping, I with you about the calves, it nearly makes me ill to think about it!

Merlesworld said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all.

Arija said...

what a perfectly lovely day Janice! love the happy children free to do the things that all childhoods should be peppered with . . . running on meadows, enjoying sand heaps and eating ice cream. You presented a much better set of photos than if you had just been shooting birds. Children are always scene stealers.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I loved seeing the sheer joy of the kids running though the field and jumping on that huge sand pile!

As one who the mosquitoes also love to bite, I surely do appreciate the photos!

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post ;o) Lots of fun ;o) I love the action shots of the kids! They are brilliant! I want to go get some ice-cream ;o) LOL! That is too cute that Tristen wouldn't use the potty! LOL! I hope your bites are less scratchy! Hugs ;o)

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I enjoyed you post and the pretty pictures. Aren't cows just the cutest animal! The kids really seemed to enjoy their day. What a fun day for all of you! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my kitchen corner cabinet.