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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do you believe in Angels?..........

Well, do you? I do. Have you encountered any? I am not sure. I am not really sure if we would ever know. Anyway, I love the idea of heavenly beings even though I know they will not be anything like what we imagine. I do know from scripture that they can come and show themselves in the form of people. ....Hebrews 13:2
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There have been several occassions in the Bible where Angels were messengers. They brought good news as well as warnings. They have names. There are Archangels and other classes of angelic beings. They are created in art in many forms. Some by the best artists and sculptors of the ages.
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Do we have guardian angels? Do angels write things in the book of life, note our sins and good deeds. What is real and what is fiction. I believe the Bible. I just don't know what else is fiction. I am sure that many stories have been handed down through the ages. I think it would be fantastic to finally find out what the spirit beings are like. I know they are not like us in any way or form but they do Gods will.
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So tell me, do you believe in Angels?
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There was a time long ago when the Angels were guardians, called The Watchers. They left their first position, they took the women and the beasts and they raped and interfered with them. Man was changed, his genes, his genetic code was corrupted. So........God washed the world clean. Were there other survivors besides Noah, or were his genes already corrupted. Ah well, look how man has progressed since then. Pfttt!!! Well Lucifer was an angel. The most beautiful of angels. He is king of this world and it shows. Not forever though.
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So have I ever met an angel? There is one story that I already told ......back when Jason was a baby. He was just walking, learning to run. You know how they run with arms up and belly out unsteady.....well he thought I was chasing him and so excited and squealing with delight, he the road, between cars. I stopped running in horror hoping he would stop but he didn't. A lady came out from behind the car, or was she already there? I had not seen her in any case and she caught him, stopped him. She was my angel.
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So these mighty beings, these beautiful creatures that serve God forever are a part of our lives. Every day, they walk with us. They guide us and they protect us. Why?
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We all die, so maybe during this life we have things to accomplish, to learn and we can not leave until we have? I have no answers but find the subject fascinating. I believe that there is but one way to Salvation and that is to Accept, to ask for Gods forgiveness and help and through belief in His son Jesus we will some day know all the answers and we will maybe be able to talk with the angels. I don't know. What do you think?

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Magic Love Crow said...

I believe in angels ;o) They are truly all around us ;o) What a story you told my friend! She was for sure an angel ;o) Hugs ;o)