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Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter blues...........

I am thinking that next year Tristen will be 6 years old. Time to get outside in the winter months. I have never done any winter sports. Sports are just not my thing. I know, it's not all about me is it.? So........I have been thinking.
 photo 00a4af7b-891f-4876-b969-f643dd9e2a50_zps63e53343.jpg
I am thinking snowshoes? I know nothing about them.
 photo 5ec094de-4218-43ed-b205-f3b599531930_zpsd14fa7a1.jpg
I have some antique snow shoes. They are huge. I wonder how folks can walk in them. I would think the legs hurt after just a short distance having to spread the legs to accommodate the width of them. Well I hear there are modern ones that are nothing like those.
 photo eb26c759-8cac-44ae-b066-85e91c778801_zps2be58084.jpg
There are so many really nice groomed trails here, I am sure we can find somewhere to go. As you work up some heat I doubt I need too much in the  way of outdoor gear. I don't wear heavy coats, I don't own any. I don't have boots either but that's easy enough of a fix. Tristen always has outside clothes and snow pants. I don't think I would need them. Anyway its a thought. I had at first thought about cross country skiing but I think that would be more difficult and more expensive.
 photo b1aed547-683b-4160-8c48-8e382131aa9d_zpsf03168cc.jpg
I have a whole few months to think about that LOL Next winter will be here soon enough. There is too much beauty out there to sit at home getting cabin fever. My husband would never go out snowshoeing or anything like that. I do have friends who do though and maybe I can have them help me next year. That would be so nice. A whole new freedom and Tristen should not be too expensive to fit out with snow shoes and whatever else we need. Too late for this year. Financially and otherwise.
 photo e2fc193d-e663-4c61-a405-15ff6801e8c2_zpsa364e5ea.jpg
So never say never.............I am up for a new adventure and I am sure Tristen will be too.


NanaDiana said...

Good luck, Janice! lol You will be a winter sportswoman before you know it. I think Tristin is good for you in ways like that- keeps you young at heart! Hope you have a great week. Bless you- xo Diana

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I think snowshoes would be a grand idea Janice, or even skiing for Tristen.
You are a wonderful grandma, always thinking of others and making memories.
Hope you are staying warm and snug !

Magic Love Crow said...

I have snowshoed before, and I loved it! Go for it ;o)