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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A cold wet day.........rain does not stop play...............

We had planned another day out with Danielle while she was home. Her husband was remodeling their home and sent her off to spend some family time. So we planned a day at the beach and a picnic. Gabby and Cooper were to come too so they could also have more time with Danielle. So Monday dawned all wet and cold. We decided to go anyway. In England we would carry on regardless of rain or anything else. So we packed up a picnic and off we went first to our secret beach.
It was misty and windy by the time we got there but the rain had passed.
 photo 100_8313_zps9jgp4wgv.jpg
See the mists in the trees
 photo 100_8314_zps2t9stigg.jpg
So the kids put on their life jackets and off we went to the beach and searching for Petoskey Stones, I was hoping to find some nice ones after the storm. I even found a rare piece of beach glass.
 photo 100_8315_zpssgqkxq3j.jpg
 photo 100_8317_zps5iagtrvd.jpg
 photo 100_8318_zpshftp6twb.jpg
The kids did not notice the cold. The adults sort of did.
 photo 100_8321_zpslyzq2vzg.jpg
 photo 100_8329_zps5jkd2ex2.jpg
Reminds me of days at the seaside in England, if we had planned a day out by golly feet went in the ocean even if it was with coats hats and scarves.
 photo 100_8336_zpsgekur7o0.jpg
When Cooper got cold we decided it was time for our picnic. So we went up the road a little to the school house.
 photo 100_8346_zpsg5mugpp2.jpg
 photo 100_8352_zpsyglyeqza.jpg
Danielle enjoyed her sandwich. We took all the fixins and desserts.
 photo 100_8351_zpscuvfvsam.jpg
The kids played
 photo 100_8349j_zpsbfyychgr.jpg
 photo 100_8350i_zpsvxo44sze.jpg
Laura needed to pee so she tried the old outhouse as it was unlocked haha
 photo 100_8355k_zpshfhfzzbb.jpg
We then decided to go up the drive up dunes. There we did a little walking and watched for deer. Look at this lovie
 photo DSCN5054k_zpsysktzhuh.jpg
We had not been on the Cottonwood trail before so went to check it out. It was too windy so only went a little way, enough to know we want to go back next time. This trail goes into the dunes and I thought it would be all sandy and hard going. It wasn't so we will certainly go back on a nice day.
 photo DSCN5061_zps8mdkmj3g.jpg
Gabby chasing down Cooper hehe
 photo DSCN5067_zpsefrnkr1q.jpg
The dunes full of Ladys breath
 photo DSCN5062_zpsr39zgae1.jpg
Another walk took us to this view
 photo DSCN5082_zpspuw6nv4c.jpg
 photo DSCN5081_zpsy7btitrr.jpg
 photo DSCN5080_zpsk00liibk.jpg
The kids played with Danielle,
 photo DSCN5093_zpsfxmd4o4p.jpg
 photo DSCN5092_zpsqov7cycq.jpg
I dont know how they still had so much energy.
 photo DSCN5086_zpsbcmlajtu.jpg
 photo DSCN5087k_zpsqcsc7rag.jpg
 photo DSCN5098_zpsvcxrzel3.jpg
Cooper seems to love it with his cousins. Special times that they wont appreciate until they are grown. Cooper slept for a few moments until we stopped.
 photo DSCN5102_zpsqew7ber7.jpg
It was afternoon and time to head home. We stopped for ice cream
 photo DSCN5107_zpswsoegn5t.jpg
 photo DSCN5108_zpszatyaikx.jpg
 photo DSCN5109_zpshkfsl285.jpg
 photo DSCN5111_zpsadiiuexf.jpg
 photo DSCN5113_zpshazcsdau.jpg
 photo DSCN5105_zpsj1pchaom.jpg
 photo DSCN5121_zpspplfcizv.jpg
Before we drove up the dunes we stopped at the Oleson farm at Oneida. This is one taken over by the park and it was open. So we went inside. How beautiful it was. Those farms at Point Oneida are just so beautiful. It had to have been hard to give them up. The olesons built stores in Traverse city in later generations and have been true benefactors to our heritage here.
 photo 100_8382i_zpsmbhtx6up.jpg
 photo 100_8371_zps51kju194.jpg
Across the road, that I am sure was not there when these farms were founded
 photo 100_8368l_zps3ol3vprq.jpg
There were people working on some of the farms along the road at Oneida. They have crews stay in some of the farm houses so they can work during the day time. The redo and restore things to how it was back in the beginning as much as possible. This August we really must get out there for heritage days
This is inside the Oleson farm
 photo 100_8360_zpsmawdlmlp.jpg
 photo 100_8359_zpsfjdss4ix.jpg
We were lucky to hear some Sand Hill cranes. We had just been in the meadow when we saw them
 photo 100_8388_zpsdods2yxs.jpg
 photo 100_8393k_zpsh5gmdew8.jpg
 photo 100_8395k_zpsnrgetp1u.jpg
We saw one more deer. can you see her?
 photo DSCN5075i_zpspbyapdgb.jpg
So that was the end of a lovely day and I think we were all happy we did not let rain stop play.


LOLfromPasa said...

Lovely family outing and more. Wonderful shots and I love your reference to how you did things in England. You're right about the weather-you just carry on no matter what.

Cindy Adkins said...

Looks like a very fun day! That lake looks so much like the ocean - so beautiful! Love the picture of Laura running from the outhouse! LOL Great post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to be back at it, too. Love, Cindy