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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Without Tristen for a day out............................

Tristen went off on an adventure with his aunty Laura. They took the Ferry to Wisconsin to visit Laura's family there, they are also Tristens family indirectly. I don't know them at all but we trust Laura to take great care of him. The ferry sounded like fun and so he went off to early in the day to catch the ferry.. Apparently he went to a couple of zoos and a water park.
So Laura (my daughter) and Reina and me went off to Elk Rapids, I wanted to stop at "The Twisted Fish Gallery"
 photo 100_8032_zpsbd9prx1z.jpg
They have a wonderful garden with sculptures in it. They are for sale but way beyond my pocket. Some of the hand crafted ornaments are not though. I did resist even so. Reina is taking an interest in the paintings. She is interested in art. Not sure how long it will last but that's OK, we will get it in her while we can. Its good to see so many good artists who live here in Northern Michigan.
 photo 100_8003_zpstirgyyh5.jpg
 photo 100_8002_zpsmskcfdok.jpg
I would love to buy the glass sunflowers but they are 300 dollars each. I love glass, I love sculptures for the garden too. I made a bottle tree, that's more my price range.
After we left the gallery we went on down to Elk Rapids art park. Laura is not thrilled with "abstract" art. Me neither but I must say that as an outside work, I am quite taken with it.
 photo 100_8081u_zpsriapiqe9.jpg
The park is in the woods and on the beach, so is a pleasant walk
 photo 100_8080_zpsokk2nv0b.jpg
 photo 100_8076_zpsdcghprwb.jpg
Fun looking for frogs and art work.
 photo 100_8052_zpszjjsfjfk.jpg
 photo 100_8045_zps3qjq7hth.jpg
some pieces were quite fun. Reina could not figure that one out
 photo 100_8037_zpsuskizhlf.jpg
 photo 100_8038_zps2s5fygj2.jpg
Here I am in the bucket
 photo 11667208_10153420612739761_2057416189_n_zpsimtoi77o.jpg
And Laura had the nerve to take a picture while I was explaining something
 photo 11653301_10153420583034761_1171064575_n_zpsw0gmpzqq.jpg
We stopped for a picnic. I am not keen on sitting on the floor haha, my bum was sore but it was a great picnic.
We drove on to Alden to explore the shops. Its a pretty little town, we were very good and hardly bought anything.
 photo 100_8105_zpsrkdrwggk.jpg
I usually get my spices and things at the Mill House. I didn't need anything so we just looked at the garden.
 photo 100_8098_zps6mmola83.jpg
The day was rather quiet and subdued without Tristen. Well he is back now and we have plans for next week. So more adventures to come soon. Meanwhile he will be going to an air show and then the local baseball team are playing Friday. I believe ending with fireworks. I am thinking of a quiet weekend for us. I will leave Friday to Laura and Laura haha.

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Magic Love Crow said...

What a fun day! I love that bucket! Your top is really pretty Janice! Hugs ;o)