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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hickory Meadows....................

I have been meaning to check out Hickory Meadows for awhile now. Its a great place to hike we found. One must try to stay on track though. We got a little off track on the way back. We didn't get "lost" that would be difficult to do. I mean we knew where we needed to go, we just lost the trail. It was sort of fun cutting through the woods. Sort of exhausting. Danielle was a little worried I think.
Today it was Laura, Danielle Reina and me............Tristen was off in day camp. I had a doctors appointment this morning so we needed something close to home. It seemed like a good time to give Hickory meadows a whirl.
 photo 100_7973_zpsetjsysvx.jpg
Off we go......lovely meadows of wildflowers and long grass. Go frolick I said.
 photo 100_7981j_zpsbtt7a7xp.jpg
Well, how does one frolick we wondered so I joined them.
 photo laira 2_zpsysidup8c.jpg
 photo laura 2_zpsysqz6yic.jpg
 photo laura5_zpsdgsqxwag.jpg
Hickory Hills was once a ski resort. Now its given over to hiking, biking, skiing and so on. Public use. It was a lovely walk through woodlands and meadows. Birds singing, butterfly and a few other critters we found.
 photo 100_8011hj_zpsiw6wxllb.jpg
 photo lauras 1_zpsodcazthd.jpg
We went as far as we could go and then came back through more meadows. We found a pond. There were loads of dragonfly and even some fish. We spent a bit of time there. It was getting hot though.
Danielle says they are Sunfish. They have a blue irridescent tail. The dragon fly had blue spots and the ones I got pictures on had brown patches that made them look like tiny airplanes.
 photo 100_8032j_zpsvd8g4tzm.jpg
 photo 100_8023k_zps6g92apgp.jpg
 photo 100_8021h_zpsraih7fhi.jpg
I got a picture of Laura taking pictures of the fish.......I thought I should keep the camera on just in case. I mean she did face plant on the last trip hehe.
 photo 100_8036_zpsjl7drrww.jpg
Some lovely long grass, fun to walk through. Laura disappeared.
 photo 100_8016_zps3aa7cl1y.jpg
On the way back we had to cross the very small stream, but apparently its not always so small. Someone built a nice bridge.
 photo 100_8054_zpsevpizqps.jpg
It was very tricky for me, remember my vision problems.
 photo 11716059_10153442361519761_1907291937_n_zps2ea7uxdc.jpg
Some views from the woods were very pretty looking out on the meadow. I was hoping for deer but there were others around somewhere we could hear them in the distance. I bet in the mornings you would see wildlife.
 photo 100_7998_zpss1qgclie.jpg
Someone had built a Tepee out of branches. Seems to be a popular thing to do.
 photo 100_7997_zps0s102uj7.jpg
The girls were picking rasberries
 photo 100_7975h_zps5hbqqlao.jpg
 photo 100_8044_zpswvie5uuu.jpg
The strawberries were all gone, over and done with. There were some lovely wildflowers though
 photo 100_8049j_zpssasuzybt.jpg
 photo 100_8014h_zpsbomz0tu6.jpg
 photo 100_8013_zpsfb2gzoyz.jpg
At some point I will be teaching the kids the names of the flowers.
 photo 100_7990j_zpsz7tti4fb.jpg
 photo 100_7993j_zpsvvkgmav5.jpg

 photo 100_7985_zpsthi5kur8.jpg
 photo 100_7984_zpsqgk4uvts.jpg
Well that was an adventure. Who would think that when you went from one trail to the other in a straight line it would not work out. The original trail must have started at an angle because we sort of lost it when we cut through the woods and it did take awhile to get back on track. We met a young man and I asked him if we were going the right way but he had no idea. Anyway we had fun but were very tired when we got back to the car. Should have taken out water (we kept it in the car) but I hate to carry stuff. I already have the camera. We encouraged Reina by saying we would go get ice cream............and we did.

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