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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Better part of summer........

One of the better things that happened this summer was that my aunt and uncle came over for a visit. They flew into Toronto from England. They drove through Ontario from Toronto to WaWa and on to Thunder Bay. Then down through the UP of Michigan where they met up with family.
It was great that they were able to do that. It was a weird summer this year. Danielle just got back in time to have dinner with them. She had been down here for her aunts funeral. She had met them once when she was in school and did a trip to England with her school choir. Since then she has got married and has a career as a nurse. There was a lot of catching up to do. Her aunt Carole was her dads sister. Dan, being her Dad and my ex son in law. He also met Liz and Rodney in England back when he was still married to Laura. The Marines stopped in England and they were able to get together. SO he too met them again,
 photo 11954707_1618901458383056_5669605458311248765_n_zps6slcnvqh.jpg
They were also able to meet Justin, Carrie and Teal. Justin had been down here for a week when Gerry was in hospital. He had gone back to work and was supposed to go out on ship for sea trials. That was cancelled for him and so he was able to go home in time to meet them with his family.
They did a few more things up there before coming south. We had originally planned on going north to spend some time in the UP with them. Gerry getting sick ended all those plans. He only got out of the hospital just prior to them arriving. I was very pleased that they could spend a week with us at the house before going to Bellaire for a week.
 photo Liz pic 4_zpsm0zggulo.jpg
We were glad that Gabby was able to come out with us to Elk Rapids and meet for lunch so that the only one they didn't get to see this time was Jason. Maybe next year.
We didn't do a whole lot, they were tired of travel by the time they got here. It was nice to just relax and chat and catch up. We did go to Northport and around but nothing rushed or hurried,
 photo IMG_0068a_zps0kpsrd4j.jpg
This is Liz on the beach
 photo 102_0013_zpsm4ch5pgf.jpg photo 102_0020a_zpsztoroy3a.jpg
Some more of the day in ELk Rapids. Gerry was able to go with us.
 photo IMG_0044_zpsfl8zehph.jpg
 photo IMG_0034_zpskkpwf4pm.jpg
They were happy to meet Gabby and Cooper. They had not seen any of the little kids before so that was really nice. They met Tristen naturally and got their fill of him haha......Reina too.
Then lastly little Cooper who was a riot
 photo IMG_0032a_zpsrtckoaal.jpg
Laura and Reina and me went out to Bellaire, Liz hurt her toe when she was at my house so was not up for much walking. She cooked us a lovely lunch and apparently enjoyed a few garage sales because she found me some goodies. Reina entertained herself and we just visited. I miss them already. Rodney was talking about next year. That would be so cool if they could come back that soon. It will take a long time for me to save to get back to England. There is so much left for them to see and do here. Maybe next time we can make that UP trip with them.

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