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Monday, September 28, 2015

Summers end.....................................

It's hard to say goodbye to summer. It has been a busy one. Gerry being sick and then my Aunt coming that was the highlight of summer. The bad and the good. Days at the beach hunting for rocks became one of the best things this year as we moved on from Petoskey stones to more elusive Leland blues. I am not ready to give it up. So on Sunday I talked Gerry into taking me and Tristen to the beach at Leland. It was cool, around 70 degrees but not too windy. The water was calm and still warm. This year the water has been great, Lake Michigan is not always so conciderate. Often by now we see snow in the forecast but they say it may be mild for the next 3 months. Fine by me.
Anyway we went to Leland but not really prepared for going in the water. I should have known we would.
 photo 104_0023a_zpsudz2vnh1.jpg
I told Tristen to not get wet, how silly was that. photo 104_0013a_zps8b6rnlt2.jpg
 photo 104_0015_zpsadx4thys.jpg
 photo 104_0014a_zpsytvx76ex.jpg
So in the end he stripped to his undies. No one else was there so why worry and they were not regular briefs anyway.
He had brought his little army guys to play in the sand that was the plan. Didn't work out that way. I went off looking for blue stones and Gerry took a nap (I think)
 photo 104_0018a_zps3gnrq7hi.jpg
Tristen talked to everyone who happened to go by on the beach before giving up and he discovered the fun of feeding the gulls
 photo 104_0020a_zpsjchbsvqd.jpg
I know it's not a good idea, they can be a pest but it is fun. He said the best fun ever.
 photo 104_0060ab_zpsovsfjant.jpg
 photo 104_0063a_zpsmfyb5mo7.jpg
 photo 104_0069a_zpsi20pk5jt.jpg
They got all our pumpkin donut holes left over from his Birthday Party. How can I forget. I have to do a post on his party don't I? That's next.

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Merlesworld said...

A young boy on a beach will always have fun.