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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

End of September.............

This has been a beautiful September. We are working on it being the warmest ever on record. I think we may make it. So..........Laura had Monday off and so we went to the beach at Leland. One more time, in search of treasure. Well blue stones anyway.
Started off with a great breakfast
 photo 102_0126a_zpscdnbvofi.jpg
They have great food there. I have their Panini, the special and its just great. This time Laura had French Toast and that looked yummy too, Then down to work
 photo 102_0127_zpsppjrtyie.jpg
 photo 102_0128_zps10hea7zf.jpg
The lake was calmer than it has been thus far. The water was still warm even though at around 11am it was only just 70 degrees. Laura was cold to start with but we soon got adjusted and got walking. Its great exercize really. The resistance of the water gives us a good work out. Especially the legs and butt.
So, we were looking mainly for the Leland Blue. The first time we went we were happy to find little slivers by digging into the gravel at the edge. Then we started to find nice small stones. Now we want good ones.
 photo 102_0136_zpsllng1tgr.jpg
The Leland blue is used for jewelry making. Is much sought after. I also enjoy the friendliness of other beach combers. We compare what we are looking for and ooh and ahh over each others finds. The best stones are almost turquoise but they come in a range of blues, greens, purples and pale green. Some black too. Its the remnants of slag from iron works that was dumped in the lake. By the time it comes up on the beaches its rolled and almost like a bead. Some is still rough though and you see what it really is
 photo 102_0134a_zpsrjo0u48l.jpg

 photo 102_0130b_zpsnqjlwgkc.jpg
The slag is actually glass, you can see in some of the ones with holes (air bubbles) that internally it looks like glass. I don't know how they polish those ones. I must look up a method of polishing without a tumbler. It just takes too long
We also pick up any beach glass we happen to find.
 photo 102_0131a_zps7fgxaduu.jpg
Today I sorted out all my stones again. Put all the blues in one dish and greens in another. They are so pretty. I cant wait to go again. Not sure if we will be able to this year but sure hope so.
 photo 102_0135_zpsjjljtkz2.jpg
Next to plan out how to use them. Not that it matters, I just love them sitting around in little crystal dishes. Whats so fascinating about rocks? I always ask myself that...........I don't know but I do find myself singing "How great thou art" a lot as I see the wonder and beauty in simple things like rocks and pebbles on a beach, the power of water and the greatbess of God

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Kay G. said...

What a beautiful post, I love those colored stones.
(I almost didn't see how to post, the light blue letters are hard for me to see! Insert rueful smile here.)