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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Bridge...............

I have been thinking about life. I know, deep huh!!!. Well this is only March and so many famous people have died in January and February (2016) and now March has started off the same way. I feel like my generation is dying off.
Today we hear that George Martin died. Without him there would have been no Beatles and we all know that the Beatles revolutionized music as we knew it.
 photo george-martin_zpsjsydevhw.jpg
I grew up hearing and knowing my parents generations music. Vera Lynn singing the popular war time songs like "There'l be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover".....sad, sentimental songs. Hearts longing for loved ones away at war.They were songs for their generation and their memories. My Mums youngest brother had a record player. It was one of those wind up ones that played 78s.He was quite a bit younger than his 3 older siblings. His music was Skiffle but he still clung to old favourites like "Mule Train" and "The Little White Cloud That cried" by Johnny Ray. My Dad was not fond of music, at least of singing. I have since found out that the Piano played a part in his existance when he was in Prison of War camp. Not what I would have believed as a kid.
Then there was Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, the Crooners..........all of that was my parents generations music.
 photo MTE5NTU2MzE2NjI2NTE5NTYz_zpskn8p1mjv.jpg
Then along came Elvis, my time was coming. I had just discovered Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis and then Cliff Richard..........but Elvis was my first "crush". I was entering my teens and the beginning of my working life. I was getting out and seeing things. I had found Rock and Roll baby.
 photo Elvis-elvis-presley-36015244-596-596_zpsiuuklkya.jpg
Then in time came the Beatles. They changed it all. Gone were the greasers and the bikes and along came the Mods. My boyfriend had a scooter and wore an anorak with fur on the collar. Remember we are in England and this is the 1960s. The best time to be a teen in my opinion. The age of long hair, mini skirts, hot pants.................London. As much as I liked the Beatles the Rolling Stones were who expressed me.
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I was living in London during the early 1960s until I had my daughter in 1966 and I loved that town. I loved my life.
Well the point of this blog is that now I am old and all I have seen...........I feel like if I stretch my arms out I reach out to my parents and grandparents lives and their music, I remember it all. My Granddad being the bass player in my uncles skiffle group (just for fun) he had a box with a string and made a bass..........their singer Mick Lacey had a great voice too. I loved music up through the years that my kids grew up, the Heavy Metal rock bands with the really long hair and make up. Yes I loved it. The beginning of MTV that really was 24 hour music. We had it on from the time we got up to when we went to bed. 24hour music television. The new kids expressing themselves. Nothing was ever as extreme as the transition of the 1960s though. They tried to shock and they tried to do the coloured hair and shaving and mohawks but we had done it all already. The time I gave up on music was when they came out with RAP. That was nothing new either. I remember swooning when Elvis talked on his records, hearing his voice, hearing him breathe, oh come on you did it too. A Deck of Cards by Wink Martindale...............there is nothing new under the sun, but we sure did try in the 1960s.
The previouse revolution had to have been post Victorian days, when women cut their hair and threw off the girdle and burned our bras, although we still wore girdles up to the 1960s it was not the bone and laces of Victorian and Edwardian times. Our girdles and stockings changed into tights and freedom to not wear undies. Yes!!!!!
So as I stretch out my arms to the folks who remember those days to the future and what is to come. I wonder what my great grandsons will listen to? What will they wear, what will they do? Will there still be a world or will the Lord show mercy and come back?
I have also seen that the morals that we loosened up on..........Elvis the Pelvis......banning movies "The Wild Ones" and the whole generation fighting the censorships of the 50s when a man and woman could not be seen in the same bed, to the real life social implications of it all. A woman was not allowed birth control unless she was married and a doctor could not prescribe it. There was no such thing as abortion and women died trying to get rid of babies that would not be socially accepted. I am anti abortion but I don't want to see things go back to that either. I had my baby out of wedlock in 1966 and well, thats another story................Was opening that can of worms a good thing? Looking at the world now, in retrospect? I really don't know. There have been many good things that came from our freedoms but maybe more bad than good? I don't know. I do know that my time is ending, I see it every day now and then what. That's the worst thing, not knowing.........
or maybe its best not to know?


Sanchin Wang said...

Here again I try post this morning didn't get through since I don't remember my password
As I post on your FB page I had problem will give another try

Sanchin Wang said...

Hi Janice works this time now I know don't sign on google which need password I sign on name no password needed

Kay G. said...

I think it is best to live in the moment and not think too much of what is to come. What happens will happen, be at peace no matter what.
Also, it is always the question: Beatles or Rolling Stones?
For me, The BEATLES, baby!
Rest in peace, George Martin, say hello to John Lennon and George Harrison for us.