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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Coopers 3rd Birthday....................

Three years have passed rather quickly. To think that Alex has never known Cooper, it's insane. Cooper loves Tristen. I can imagine them together a few years from now. Cooper is rather hyper so I bet he will be somewhat like Tristen with the ADHD or some form of it. Time will tell, and will I be around to see these boys as teens? Oooooh I hope so. I am thinking Tristen will be spending more time at Aunt Laura's by then as I will be almost 80 if I last that long.
 photo 103_3020_zpsk6ql8byj.jpg
 photo 103_3019_zpsg5oluie4.jpg
 photo 103_3023_zpsxefvhpcu.jpg
 photo 103_3031n_zps9acjlijp.jpg
They had his party at a Pizza place again. That's not a bad idea for a little kids party. Saves all that work. Can't be expensive either. Right now, for Cooper and Tristen its mainly adults who attend, so it's perfect. The cake was cool, it was cupcakes frosted over to look like a regular sheet cake
 photo 103_3047_zpshsdp818m.jpg
When the kids are small, they don't care what the gifts are either and the adults can buy clothes as well as toys. These kids have way too many toys. Cooper was happy with his gifts.
 photo 103_3065k_zpsfdgfsfuw.jpg
He was not thrilled about us singing Happy Birthday though.
 photo 103_3040k_zps39rtdziy.jpg
Here is the little family, Tony, Gabrielle and Cooper.
 photo 103_3039j_zpsjytsbmhf.jpg
I could not believe Tristen ate a whole slice of Pizza followed by his cupcake
 photo 103_3048_zpsvfotn7uj.jpg
Here is Cooper opening his gifts
 photo 103_3074h_zpsuza4p1mm.jpg
 photo 103_3068_zpssflwvt2f.jpg
Anyway, another year gone and our babies grow and flourish. It's good to see them grow. Reina could not be there this time. Robert had been away for a month driving for Cardinal, and he came home so she wanted to be there to see her daddy.


NanaDiana said...

Happy Birthday to that sweet boy. I hope you are around long enough to see them all grown up, too! I bet you will be --counting on it as a matter of fact. Those are both cute little guys-hyper or

Blessings to you and a blessed Easter to you and your family- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! Great pics Janice! Of course you will still be around! Time does go by so fast though! I love the cake! Great idea!

Kay G. said...

Those boys are so cute! Happy birthday to Cooper, he is a doll.