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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bug hunters......................

Finally Gerry got a start on the new garden area. By our back deck we had a bunch of shrubbery that took up a lot of space. It was also a catch all every winter for all the snow and ummmm dog poop, as well as the food that I give the Crows.
Well, right now, getting those roots out is a major chore as I will show in my garden blog.
Reina was here again today and she and Tristen had a good day. They played well together. They stayed inside most of the morning but were sooooo ready to get outside. It had been raining and was all puddles and mud. I was reluctant to let them out. By afternoon Gerry had gone to Mennards for the fencing and stuff to fix up the area.
 photo 103_3184_zpsscxmhx93.jpg
I figured what the heck, I had washed the floors and vacuumed but had not yet washed the rug by the door. It's been muddy the last couple of days and is rather dingy.
Gerry was out with axe, saw and shovel and they were right there with him looking for bugs. All the stones and old blocks we had thrown under the bushes I wanted to use in the garden for edging so..........this will be great.
 photo 103_3180_zpsnzuywfs0.jpg
They got a bag and were collecting rolly polly bugs. They were not at all keen on the millipeeds. I don't like bugs myself so can not see the attraction. Yeuk!!!. The other day they were collecting worms, but freeked out when they found a big one. That reminded me of many years ago, there was a little girl maybe 5 years old. She was living somewhere over the road. The roads were not so busy back then and she saw us outside and came over. She had on cute dungarees and she pulled out the top to show us her worm collection. I went ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!! and she got a bit worried because she loved her worms. Made my skin crawl. I could not pick up a worm, or a slug or any slimy thing like that. (I can pick up snakes, they are not slimy)
 photo 103_3185_zpsgjxbawu6.jpg
This kept them busy for most of the afternoon, until Gerry came inside. They moved rocks and filtered through things, screaming when encountering the ones they didn't like. It's a girl thing, screaming. Trouble is Reina has got Tristen doing it and they see who can scream loudest I think.
 photo 103_3176_zpsl552x9qt.jpg
Anyway, they had a good old time and stayed out of my way while I baked and did inside work. Its supposed to snow tonight. This area will be fenced off properly like the rest of the garden so that the dogs cant get out.Tristens sand box can come up to the drive onto the concrete and make far less mess I hope. All his trucks are stored under the deck. That will be his play area. He has wrecked to much of my garden things and I cant afford to replace them. This gives him a lot more space. I will talk about the garden part on my garden blog.

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Magic Love Crow said...

No snakes or worms for me! LOL! I wish you all the best for everything to get done!!! Have fun!