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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Frozen bunns at the beach..........................

So it was a wet and windy day. One might ask, why go to the beach then? Well I say "why not?" After all there will be no one else there right? There are stones on the beach after a storm right? Usually anyway, either that or they all get dragged back but it's a great time for finding treasures. What can I say? Thats the way we think. So 9.30ish Laura came over and off we went. Took Winter coats, hats but forgot gloves. I also took my boots. We were all set.
 photo 20170411_105248_zpsjxsweqrf.jpg
It was misty, can't say foggy, that's a bit different.
 photo 20170411_111912_zpsraghvczr.jpg
So quiet, a few people walking dogs now and then but not really many others. Met one young lady who asked us about Blue Stones, she had joined a rock club. We shared stories.
They are working on dredging the area around the docks and churning things up. This day working on this side of the harbour wall. A huge pipe running up the beach to dump the sand further up. Should be interesting when they are done. Maybe more Blue Stones?
We found quite a few as it was, lots of green ones and purple but a few of the special blue as well.
 photo 103_1027_zpsztcufamm.jpg
 photo 103_1026_zpsijohrn09.jpg
 photo 103_1025_zps9kyyivjg.jpg
My son Jason remarked upon "how many stones can one keep" I said as many as I want. It really is the hunt that is satisfying but I keep my Blue Stones in dishes around the house. Pretty much gave up on Petoskey stones as I have loads of them. Still, it is fun to pick up special ones. Some day we may just make jewelry who knows.
Well we kept that up until we were too tired to go on and then we went to Trish's Dishes and I had their awesome Tomato Basil soup. I really must try to make some of that. Remind me to plant Basil this year in my garden. I certainly intend to grow a whole bunch of Tomatoes.
This weekend Gerry raked the front yard and cleared out the vines so should have more sun.
Anyway, after lunch it was still drizzle and cold so we just went for a drive. I remembered this time to stop at the Red School House for pictures. We normally come from the other direction and its gone before we can safely stop.
 photo 103_1011_zpsukpoci05.jpg
The school house has been used for many things over the years, I remember it as an Antique shop but think recently its been a home. It is now for sale again.
 photo 103_1013_zpsl7grp3ht.jpg
There are many one room school houses in the area, many like the log cabin that have been around since the mid 1800s. There were many settlements in this area, farms mainly. Still, apparently no one went without an education.
We stopped somewhere to turn around and I loved this old barn
 photo 103_1009_zpssmfnzj9q.jpg
Rather scenic
 photo 103_1008_zpspelzerqv.jpg
Well I thought so, I do love old barns.
We did stop at the other old school house to check on some swans on the lake but they were further down the trail and we had no mind to walk. The car battery light had come on, so we left the car running but it was too cold for us. We had frozen up at the beach I think, after taking all our winter stuff off we didn't want to gear up again.
So we will save the swans for another day. Had to get home to check on the car. It did this to us once before and we left our travels to go home. Not this time, we carried on but it was not a great day for investigating so we just took a leasurely drive home and unchilled.
We pass this little farm often and it was once a dream of mine to have something simular. About five acres with house and barn and horses, chickens and things.
 photo 103_1022_zps0rc9efbc.jpg
I don't think at this stage in life that will happen now and that's OK, too much work now, but I still enjoy seeing this. The horses are beautiful.look at this boy.
 photo 103_1021_zpsbub4aclh.jpg
 photo 103_1020_zpsjwwxuvkz.jpg
We passed the Garden center and I got back to thinking about my garden and hoping for a bit warmer weather. Not too warm mind, just nice enough to work in the garden for a few days. I think we have Tristen on Friday over night so we may take a day out with him on Friday and take him back on Saturday evening. So Sunday will be my garden work day I think. All being well.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Wow, look at all those stones! You scored!!! Beautiful! I love the red school house! Great horse pictures! I hope you had fun with Tristen! Big Hugs!