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Saturday, April 15, 2017


Friday. Good Friday, what better way to celebrate than a picnic. May not be traditional, not at all but we had Tristen and so I thought it would be nice to get Laura and Reina and Gabby and Cooper and go for a picnic. Gerry was not working and so he got to come as well. He was delegated to the back seat with the kids. Laura drove. We had been talking about what kind of car to get when we get a new one (maybe next year) I had hoped to downsize but the van is just so useful. We keep a basket of toys, towels, blankets and quilts in the back and then we have seating for 7. I thought maybe now Tristen is not living here we could downsize but this is just so useful when a bunch of us get together. I am all about making memories.
So I got a picnic gathered while waiting for Laura and everything was ready when she got here and off we went to pick up Gabby and Cooper.
 photo 103_1029_zpsldw7ybbh.jpg
I put together a chicken salad for sandwiches and had Gerry pick up some grapes, cheese and crackers. I boiled some eggs and packed the basket and cooler with all kinds of goodies. We had tomatoes and lettuce and pickles and three bean salad. Took bread and chips, all was ready.
 photo 103_1032_zpsknpticsi.jpg
The playground was close by and so the kids enjoyed that while I walked along the beach.
 photo 103_1067k_zpsjf66c0nd.jpg
It's good to keep the cousins in touch and spending time together. Reina is actually Auntie but who's counting.
 photo 103_1066k_zpstl5rl0bx.jpg
 photo 103_1055k_zpsjacpcrcg.jpg
Time for Mother and daughter to catch up.
 photo 103_1057k_zpszowlk6nv.jpg
And for me some solitude.
 photo 103_1048_zpsudyddixj.jpg
By the way we are at Elk Rapids. This where the river runs into the Bay. A pile of Zebra muscles, that are foreign to our waters.
 photo 103_1047_zpsf9lqbal7.jpg
I love the patterns under the water.
 photo 103_1045_zpsheg4mlxg.jpg
After awhile we went back to where Gabby lives and sat outside while the kids played, we went for a walk leaving Gerry in charge
 photo 103_1087_zpsl2tm1ofo.jpg
 photo 103_1090_zpssejkyejc.jpg
They got the games and toys out of the back of the van. I had thought of actually taking them out and packing them away. I guess they are still useful. As I said, my van is packed with all the necessaries, like Toilet paper and first aid kit, toys etc.
 photo 103_1092_zpstrgbnfcx.jpg
 photo 103_1094_zpsb4xexxa8.jpg
 photo 103_1097_zpszxufuf4w.jpg
Meanwhile we walked through the Cherry Orchards at the back for some quiet. Tony (Gabby's significant other) said they have a pack of Coyotes out there that they hear at night. Well we found evidence when we came across their buriel ground. The bones of at least 4 deer and something much larger that we could not ID.
 photo 103_1081_zpstyfcwyqb.jpg
They went in for a closer look but, no thanks. I didn't want to imagine the poor deer being taken down and eaten. Coyotes won't attack people, but a pack? They are normally in pairs or alone, so not even sure they are Coyotes. SO best be careful not to go out at night. They sure eat a lot. One bone was huge, large enough to be a cow. Just sayin'.
 photo 103_1079k_zpswmvpvjzl.jpg
The Cherry trees are ready to pop their blossoms and the trees ready to open their leaves. We had a good rain last night and again just now. Next sunny day and all will blossom
 photo 103_1072_zpsaecctzbv.jpg
Laura was pretty well knackered by the time we got back, it was quite a walk really.
 photo 103_1085_zpsieiwmyuj.jpg
We have both been suffering from back and hip pain from all our beach adventures. I can not get a grip on it, constant pain. Must loose weight. Got to get my sugar under control as now have diabetes. Got to get serious.
On the way home we stopped to check on Alex while we had both kids and Gerry.
 photo 103_1103k_zpsfyukswi9.jpg
Tidied her up a bit and saw the flowers getting ready to pop.............
 photo 103_1104_zpsuaxytx0l.jpg
Time to get a new wreath and some more flowers when I go to the garden center. For now she is looking good.


NanaDiana said...

Some very good memories made there today, Janice and some bittersweet ones at the end.
I hear you about the car. I talk about downsizing and then I pick up five grandkids and have room enough for all of the in the vehicle. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed Easter Sunday- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

A great day Janice! You know that game the kids were playing with the plastic line and ball and they jump over it, I use to have one of those! LOL! Seeing those bones of the deer would have not been nice!!! Please take care of yourself!!! Diabetes is not fun! And, having pain is really bad too! That was really special you went to Alex's grave! I hope you had a great Easter! Big Hugs!