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Friday, April 7, 2017

Very short walk on a cold day...........................

It was a lovely day today but freezing cold. Laura and I went grocery shopping and felt like stretching our legs after. We ate lunch at "The Pub" in the mall so felt the need of a bit of a walk. We decided upon the small trail behind some stores. Years ago before they built Kohl's and Michaels stores there was a big field of buffalo belonging to the Oleson farms. Now it has been sold off, the stores built on one side and at the back of the property the new YMCA is built. In one portion though, where Kids Creek cuts through, they have made some trails.
 photo 20170407_130627_zpsefhlukxt.jpg
The sky was so blue. Unfortunately no green just yet. One part of the trail leads to the small fishing pond. The old hut lost it's roof this winter, sort of a shame.
No ducks on the pond today. It was windy and cold
 photo 20170407_130832_zpsw2dirztj.jpg
Kid's Creek meanders through the property and hosts some nice fish. We usually see ducks on the pond. There were a lot of birds chirping but no one offered us a picture. Back on the trail it passes through what the buffalo once enjoyed. Several acres back in the day.
 photo 20170407_132454_zpsorbssiur.jpg
Later on we often see baby snakes and Red Winged Blackbirds, finches and other birds. Today was too cold. The birds stayed in the brush and if the snakes had any sense they were in their dens. Not a creature was stirring. The Pussy Willow was popping though and pretty against the blue sky. Very small buds
 photo 20170407_131622_zpsiymnppsc.jpg
 photo 20170407_131629_zpshg2yqr5z.jpg
We had to be content in appreciating the beauty of the bare trees against the blue sky, some unusual shapes.
 photo 20170407_131933_zps1tun9hje.jpg
 photo 20170407_132209_zpsvoj720ut.jpg
The ground was sort of soggy off the trail, and deeply rich. We wanted to get some buckets full for the garden haha.
 photo 20170407_132355_zpsbvrrz5mt.jpg
It was quite warm under the trees but cold again once in the open. Tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday) is supposed to be warm. We have work to do in the garden and it should be a nice weekend for it. I am looking forwards to that.


Susie said...

It was a pretty day there. We also had sunshine and blue skies. Nice to see the pussy willows growing. I have not seen real ones in years. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo, Susie

NanaDiana said...

It looks like it was a cold day there-pretty---but cold. We had clouds today and cold winds. Nothing is green or blooming here yet either. You did have a pretty walk even if it was cold.

It is kind of sad to see those wonderful old fields and farms fall to commercialism, isn't it?

Hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

Your photos are so beautiful Janice!! Hope you had some good days in the garden! Hugs!