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Monday, July 17, 2017

As pets get old.........................

We have limited funds and we have 4 poodles, not a smart move but when we got them we were not expecting to get old so quick. I will be 71 this week. I hope we outlive our lovies. Bodicea is getting old too, she has health issues, she is ummmmmmmm plump. She has a small breathing tube for want of a better name, she snores and she snorts like a piggie when she eats.
 photo 449cab25-5081-42b2-9006-8b659c291f9f_zps3yhlfrnz.jpg
Bodi has a tumour on the inside of her back leg, she hobbles and I am sure sometimes it hurts. The dilemma is with her breathing/weight problem I wonder about getting it fixed. We will take her to the vet and get that checked out as soon as we can because it is getting bigger. We did get it checked and its not cancer. I remember another poodle had one, Bonnie, we got hers removed and it did the trick. I guess they are fatty tumours and a lot of dogs get them. They don't complain, not like us people.
Everyone loves Bodi, she is such a sweetheart.
 photo 20170714_133520_zps2hhquanx.jpg
Brea is the little one, she has a bum knee, we need to fix that too. She is often in pain limping but again, no complaints. We are in the process of getting a credit line on our house so we can take care of these kids.
 photo 1f94e974-bcce-43d5-8902-543dc57a51e1_zps2vgpfoxt.jpg
It's been 9 years since we lost my horse. I can't believe its been so long. We still miss her and I miss the life. I miss going to the barn in all weathers and going for long walks in the fields every day. We all loved that. I know Tristen would have loved it too. Shame we can't have another one but it's not possible. Not unless we move to the country again and have a barn and rescue one. Who knows.
 photo Ladyinthebarn.jpg
NO I can not afford a horse. Really, I can't.
Bijou is a money pit. I don't think we can do a lot more for her at 1000 a shot. Twice now she has had an operation and I don't think she can have another although the problem with her "stones" won't go away.
 photo 101_0024_zpsi9ypy8hv.jpg
This is my cute little Bella
 photo 20170714_133504_zpskcvpjwbb.jpg
They are all so cute and so have all the others been that came before. It's always sad when they start to get old, get ailments and know that some day they will be gone.
Bella knows how to relax
 photo 20170220_083844k_zpspp0oa0yz.jpg

 photo 20170106_180624_zpsj3lqpe7u.jpg
Bella and Brea sisters of different mums, same dad
 photo 2017b_zpsxtw26cmx.jpg
Bella and Bijou in winter coats
 photo 102_0171_zpsqzlkna5t.jpg
Brea and Bijou
 photo 100_7755_zps5ogfsvrh.jpg
We figured that Boots is getting up there as well, she has her own problems. She is a cat, she pukes all the time. I think drinking the pond water may have something to do with it and one of my fish is missing. No idea what happened to it either
 photo 20170714_133131_zps7zdf4nzk.jpg
The young one is Bessie. She is fine so far, no problems with that one. Bella has teeth problems but we keep up on that.
 photo 103_2257_zpskeq7vn7n.jpg
Anyway, my little loves. I remember every single one I have ever had. I have loved them all equally but different. From Rabbits to Walter Pidgeon and birds and hamsters. I guess the only thing we have never got into is reptiles, we have had fish. If I did I would have loved those too. The hurt comes when they die. Sigh...........I hope to see them all over the rainbow bridge.

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Magic Love Crow said...

Our fur babies are part of the family and we love them dearly! Wishing all the best for your babies Janice!! Happy Birthday my friend! Big Hugs!