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Saturday, July 8, 2017

To the Beach, getting out of town..................

With Cherry Festival in full swing, Laura, Reina and myself headed out of town. The traffic is horrible during summer, during the festival it's unbearable. So best to head out as far as possible. We decided to not go to Leland in the beginning thinking it would be crowded. We instead headed for Port Oneida and one of the lesser known beaches. We got there with just one car in the lot and one leaving. Not bad we thought.
 photo 20170707_1135270_zps50bm2vhl.jpg
 photo 20170707_113527_zps3cnelp8o.jpg
 photo 20170707_113558_zpsrdzejyfs.jpg
It was windy and big waves churning up the sand but hot and sunny so for me quite pleasant although Laura and Reina were cold.
 photo 20170707_120517_zpsarvb8axg.jpg
 photo 20170707_120513_zpso7ienmcw.jpg
 photo 20170707_113906_zpscrq7cgdf.jpg
 photo 19756552_10155438705199761_8777391144904775197_n 1_zpstl5eqa1e.jpg
Gone are the days when we had two little kids with us wondering what had happened that we still had little ones. Life takes turns we do not expect and little kids grow up. Reina is 11 now.
 photo 20170707_121815_zpsnaftdvcy.jpg
Laura rescued a bee, got him all sunned out and off he went, straight into the water and drowned. Very traumatizing for us
 photo 19554544_10155438705474761_4737544195533198283_n_zpsbecs3b7q.jpg
We didn't find too many stones to bring home but enjoyed the walk, and the hike back up the steps was good for us. Groan.
We needed a bathroom so we stopped at the little park at the beginning and used the outhouse. I took my own toilet paper after Laura said there was none. Always have carried supplies in that old van.
 photo 104_0001_zps0g0my8p3.jpg
 photo 104_0002_zpsjqawxjfa.jpg
We decided to go to Leland after all. Figured we were rock hounding not sun bathing so why not.
There were not that many there in the end. Not at that time anyway. Maybe one or two families. The rules have changed. You have to stay at the very small beach area now. The rest is private property and this year is being enforced. I don't blame them. For our purpose it didn't matter. It is quite legal to walk in the surf and close to it.
 photo 20170707_133024_zpsi2cztrq1.jpg
Reina found that little guy and he got to live another day, thank goodness.
We did collect a bunch of rocks and it was quiet, when we went back along the beach the entrance was crowded all bunched up in one small area with a cloud of chemical fumes hovering over them. How people can enjoy that is beyond me, but it didn't bother us any, we were up the beach on our own.
We left Leland after stopping at Trishes Dishes for a Reuben sandwich that we took down by the River to eat.
 photo 104_0006_zpsmoweehui.jpg
I had my eye on some chap who left his dog in the car. We hoped he was just going to pick up some food and it turned out that was probably the case. Lucky for both of us when we drove past he was back in the car leaving. Relief!!!!!!
We had no time that we had to be home having told Gerry to fend for himself so we headed back to Port Oneida to spot wildlife. Stopped at the old school house lake, one day I will remember the name.
 photo 20170707_165339_zpsqx4u3es0.jpg
 photo 20170707_165218_zpsigxqtc0q.jpg
Saw turtles sunbathing
 photo 20170707_164908_zpssojl9kxv.jpg
There were little fishes, dragon fly and Red Wing Blackbirds.
 photo 20170707_170311_zpso8vphtcr.jpg
So up to the woods we went, through the back dirt roads talking of why we never see cougars or wolves or bear. Got to the top of the hill and saw some people by the side of the road. Wondered what they were looking at, they waved, we slowed down to ask if they were OK (and see what they were looking at, didn't want to miss anything) well apparently they were lost. Sort of. They had apparently (we managed to get out of them), parked at Pyramid point and hiked off through the woods. There they were without a clue, red faced and worried and going the wrong way. Laura offered them a ride. They piled in with much gratitude. Two older folks looking rather red and warm, and a young man and woman, their grandkids (I heard her say grandpa) so she sat on the guys lap and Reina in back with Pops we took them down the trail to Pyramid point. Goodness knows how long it would have taken them to get back seeing as they were headed the wrong way. They never would have found the car park. Anyway.............we dropped them off and started again. So much for wildlife, just tourists.
 photo 20170707_172945_zpsalqategu.jpg
The only wildlife we saw were a couple of Sand Hill Cranes
 photo 104_0010_zpsnkucwl3v.jpg
The meadows were beautiful though
 photo 20170707_172624_001_zpsbhzua7kc.jpg
Lots of bees, we left those alone. After the one who commited suicide at Leland the big ol bumble was in no danger.
 photo 20170707_173045_zpsr5crhjwh.jpg
He did come and take a look at me before swooping off. Good to see so many bees active in the Cow Vetch. We stopped at Gallaghers Farm Market on the way home. Got me some cherries, blueberries and a big ol Cherrie pie and some ice cream. Boy was that good. I just had a slice. I love farm produce and home baked goods. Gerry was compensated for fixing his own supper as I also got donuts.

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Magic Love Crow said...

What a wonderful day! Many adventures! Felt sorry for the bee! Nice of you to help those people out! Big Hugs!