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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day out for Cooper......

We had one day when the rain stopped, they thought it was cold but it was not too bad. Being fed up with staying inside and Cooper being full of pent up energy best to take a trip.
We stopped first at Gallaghers Tristen always enjoyed it there.
 photo 105_0117_zpswejgqxr0.jpg
 photo 105_0115_zpstzvnulz3.jpg
 photo 105_0116_zpsnbhgpssg.jpg
Talk about a vegetable patch, they have wonderful produce here. They have chickens and pigs and sheep. We hate to know their fate but they are well cared for. I suppose that's something.
Reina and Cooper.
 photo 105_0127_zpslbrosnc0.jpg
 photo 105_0114_zpsobietgmq.jpg
In the Fall they have the Pumpkins and all the harvest goodies, I love seeing all the beautiful fruit, apples and Sunflowers.
For now its all the summer veggies from that lovely garden.
I bought a cherry crumble pie and some fruit roll ups. That was for later though. So off we went and bearing in mind at 4 they have (especially Cooper) a short attention span, we stopped at the park in Maple City. Then I took pictures of some of the flowers for something to do
 photo 20170723_142203_zpshbfn6w0x.jpg
 photo 20170723_142326_zpsq5ueiepu.jpg
 photo 20170723_142333_zps8tvw2ny1.jpg
 photo 20170723_142318_zpstocjrlfl.jpg
 photo 20170723_142631_zpsh9dtwkrb.jpg
We headed out towards the beach after that. Passed these guys on the way.
 photo 105_0149_zpsiarq6qw0.jpg
 photo 105_0141_zpsitl0n71d.jpg
These are all the normal things we have always done with Tristen and Reina. It's not the same. Gerry drove us so we could not do much walking. The steps down to the beach were hard on him. Didn't do me much good either in the humid weather and my poor old knees.........felt it good in the morning. Anyway, we enjoyed the stones even though we really didn't bother to collect too many. Cooper just wanted to throw them. Everyone was cold cept me.
 photo 105_0152_zpsxj40fvov.jpg
Always love the beach, I don't care about the weather.
 photo 105_0154_zpsfdd3znuh.jpg
It was stirred up in the wind and the waves were high and crashing. We got wet.
 photo 105_0156_zps6jkmclit.jpg
Well at least we got out of the house. Maybe once school starts, Laura and I can get some days out when it's a bit cooler and less humid. Maybe venture further afield. Find some new places. Till then I get out when I can. It's hard now I am babysitting and Laura is working. Only a month left before school starts. Cooper will try for preschool. Meanwhile when it's nice I can take the kids out for icecream and to the school playgrounds.


NanaDiana said...

I am like you- I like the beach no matter the weather---cold, warm, anywhere in between. I know it is not the same as it used to be for you and I am sorry for that. God bless you for all you do for the kids and those lives around you. You are a good soul.
Have a blessed weekend. xo Diana

Magic Love Crow said...

A great day Janice!!! Love the pictures! Take care of your knees!! Big Hugs!