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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am Excited...............

I am excited about life. I feel good for a change. It has to be the weather. Not that I felt bad before but did not have this enthusiasm for things. I know that during the winter months it seems so endless, even though this has been probably the mildest winter since we came to Michigan. (1971) We also had one of the worst storms ever a couple of weeks ago and now its in the 80s. That's Michigan for you.
Tristen is off to his Auntie Laura's for the weekend. As I stood with my daughter Laura watching him leave holding his auntie's hand,he was wearing his new fireman yellow rain coat.His Aunt Carrie and Uncle Justin just bought it for him. I reflected on how much he is loved. I always think of his mother Alexandra. We went to the cemetery the other day to make her marker ready for Spring. Its not too bright yet but once the violets grow out and we can put some real flowers there........I want to put some snowdrops and Spring flowers in the ground this Fall.
I am excited too about my new diet. I feel so much better seeing the scale go down if only very slowly. I will see how much I have lost on Monday (when I started) but right now I have gone down about 4 1/2 pounds. That little bit makes me feel good...........such a long way to go though. This is a diet I can live with so if it works I will stick with it. I do crave the bread and potatoes but can reward myself when I have lost 20 pounds and not till then. I think it helps being able to get outside and rake. I have a feeling my garden this year will be a disaster. The little one does not get the idea (or maybe like the idea) of staying off the garden. I have a play area but of course he wants to be where we are and so he and Sylvie (a friends baby) were digging holes in my lawn. Lawn is rather pretentious its not a lawn by any stretch of the imagination. Grass, sort of.......
We are painting the kitchen this weekend. Well the husband is. I am making cushions for the front porch. So I better get back to that.

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