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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday....................

When we go through our daily lives and we encounter problems, tragedy and strife we must think also of what Christ went through for us. We bring on most of our own problems either by our way of life, or our eating habits. Sometimes the way we live our life effects those around us. That is not always true but quite often it is. We can never be perfect because we did inherit imperfection from our forefathers. It does all come down to "original sin". The "Sin" was not sex it was the direct disobedience of Adam and Eve to God. That meant that when sin entered the world it changed it forever. Christ told us that the sins of the Fathers would be handed down to the third and fourth generations, and that is often true .............Christ was perfect. He took our imperfect selves and suffered and died for every one of don't ever say that God does not care. Or where is God in our times of trouble. He is there, He has seen it all, He has been there before us. He has taken upon Himself all of our burdens and died so that we may live. Not here in this imperfect world but life everlasting in a new world. He is there to hold our hands but we must go through this life and live what comes our way. Think of all Job went through. He is my hero, he is the one I look to when I know things may get worse. He held fast to God's hand and God led him through. He never cursed God and never gave up. Christ is there for us to hold our hand and lead us through even to the next life sometimes. Through deaths door. He does not promise to save our life but He can and is willing to save our souls. Don't let this life and this life's problems get you down. We all have our cross to bear and we have friends to hold us up, and family too............but most of all we have our Lord. We are never alone, He sends His angels to help us and His spirit to dwell with us "Even to the end of the world" ...
Happy Easter...............Blessings to all my family and friends ....Janice


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Ewa said...

I hope you had great Easter