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Saturday, April 14, 2012

When you are two......................

When you are two, well 2 1/2 you count those 1/2 year markers........things must seem so frustrating. Learning language skills are hard enough as an adult so must be frustrating for a toddler. They call it the terrible two's for a reason. I do not remember it being that bad with my own kids but then I had a better grip on things back then. It seems I have lost my parenting skills, this little terror can wrap me around his little finger. I try hard to discipline but find I don't want to hurt his feelings. That's not good. I try hard to be consistent and when I say no I mean it. Still the temper tantrums and defiance (bids for independence) throw me for a loop. When I raised my kids I put the fear of God in them, I could quell with a look. I could smack a bottom with no regret. Now I hate to do it. I have but only as a last resort like yesterday when he escaped and ran down the road. He scared me so bad that when he had a tantrum when caught and ushered back inside I did, I smacked his bum. He told Auntie Laura too. Nannie smacked my bum. "good" said Laura "you could have been hurt" he had spent about 1/2 hour in his room to reflect on the error of his ways. He went to his Auntie Laura for the weekend and I lay sleepless worrying about him and what could have happened. He has learned to open gates and doors. I have the gates secured but had used the one to go get the hose, he was off and running so quick it's amazing. I didn't know I could still run........I can. I should do it more often because after dragging him upstairs I about had a heart attack. After my heart recovered it was rather exhilarating.
Its also hard to get anything done with him under foot so I bless Laura for giving me some time to catch up. Today we worked in the garden while he was having a good time with Auntie and her girls. They took him shopping. He got a new bike to keep at her house. He got to feed the ducks and spent time at the play house in the mall.
Its good for him and for Laura and her family. They hardly got to see him when Alex was alive so they are really happy to have him there. He goes every other weekend. We get to sleep in and get caught up on things around here. Wonderful. Its a whole family commitment to this little boy. His grandmother (also a Laura) is going to start taking him on Tuesdays to give me a day off during the week so I can sew and get some other things done that I can not do any more and it will give her some personal time with Tristen. That will be wonderful. Usually Dan takes him for a day now and then (his Grandfather, Laura's Ex husband) but since Debbie, his wife just had a stroke that has not been possible. Gabrielle said "we sure are a strange family" ............her dad (Dan) was here for supper before going back up to the hospital to see Debbie. Yes we are.......but it works for us. We are committed to each other more so now through Tristen than ever before. The Lord works in mysterious ways.


Tristen on his new bike at Auntie Laura's......he is a big boy for 2 1/2 isn't he?

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