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Thursday, April 5, 2012


My ex son in law Danny's wife (number 2) just had a stroke. She is only 45. Poor Dan is beside himself. He is the father of my Granddaughter Alexandra who died a year ago in February.
Debbie has been very sick for quite some time. She has one of those sort of illness that does not show on the outside. Pain and debilitating tiredness. Her bones are fragile and she often breaks her foot bones by just standing wrong, or a simple stub of the toe will do it.
Well the other day she got up to take a shower and felt dizzy and fell. She was on the floor from 8.30am until the kids got home from school at 3.45pm. With a stroke there is they say a magic 6 hours where the chance of cure is good. She was not that lucky. Her left side is paralyzed at the moment. She can talk and swallow now on day 3. That is a good sign, she knows where she is and what happened to her. There is a blood clot in her brain and they can not operate nor use medication to get rid of it. I am not sure how that will work out in the end. I do know its going to be a long haul getting better .......but I believe she will get better.
We have to be positive. Her life is not easy. Her children are not very helpful around the house and seem to be quite needy. I won't get into that. Dan was married to my daughter Laura. They have been divorced for some time now and each remarried. Laura to Robert who also has other children and Laura and he have one little girl Reina. Her and Dan are friends now. We consider Debbie a friend as well. My family is very complicated and maybe over time I will explain it a bit better. For now though suffice it to say we pray for Dan and Debbie and the kids that the Lords will be done. I know He can do better than anything I ask for. He knows best. I can pray for fortitude and patience and for the children to play their part, to put aside their issues and be there for their Mother. If you believe in the power of prayer I would appreciate your prayers. This is Debbie and Dan last week on a cruise they went on with the kids and family.


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Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

How dreadful! It is always a shock when someone so young suffers a stroke. I do hope she continues to improve. It sounds encouraging that she is already regaining some of her motor functions.