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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bluebell Time...........

One of the wonderful things about Spring in England is the Bluebells. Spring is an awesome time of year there in any case. What with blossoms and the Spring flowers and all, but when you drive down a country road, go past woodlands and hedgerows full of bluebells its just magic. The lime colour of the new green buds on the trees and that heavenly blue. Photobucket I miss walking in the woods when its Bluebell time. I remember gathering huge arms full to take home to my mum. 5598606865_f13dfca642_z I love watching movies set in England when they show the woods and streams with the bluebells growing along the banks Did you see "Fairystory"? When the girls were playing by the Beck, I loved that scene. The ferns and grass a lovely Spring green and all those magnificent Bluebells. I wanted to go home so bad. 001550x413 I have been looking for bluebells to plant in my garden here in Michigan but so far I have not found any. I will have to try a catalogue.
bluebells-8 bluebells_in_English_Delamere_Forrest Josephine Walls Bubble fairy. She is playing among the bluebells................. fairy_bubbles

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