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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Day trip ...................

We had a rough week, my husbands father died. A sad occasion. He was ready to go and it had been rather a difficult time for everyone of late. Since his wife died 3 years ago he has been rather lost. He had wanted someone to stay with him all the time so the kids took it in turns. That worked out well and they got to spend some time with their dad. The last few months had been difficult though and so after the funeral we decided to have a relaxing rest of the week. We took Laura and Tristen and went off for a hike. I wanted to show her a trail I had discovered. Its a trail that goes up Alligator Hill. It's called that because of its shape. From the top of the Dunes looking out over Glen Lake the hill is shaped like an Alligator. So anyway we decided to explore. We were not really that successful because we did not find the overlook. We decided we would go alone some day so we could get in a good hike. It had turned hot by the time we turned back so even though the whole trail is only 2 1/2 miles its rather up and down hill. Tristen loves the woods. 100_0518 Here he is asking "whats this"......its the root of the tree. I said its the trees feet....... 100_0509 Gerry and Tristen had to go back before Laura and I were finished. It was getting hot and they took a break on the log and waited for us. 100_0521 I am glad we went on a little way even though we didn't find the overlook. This lovely lady popped her head out to see who we were. 100_0519 We saw loads of Chipmunks. 100_0523 After we left the woodland walk we went for lunch in Empire. Tristen was hungry and was very good in the restaurant. So we rewarded him by going to the beach. 100_0546 He loves the most small boys he loves to throw the rocks back into the water. 100_0538 After that he got to play in the park area, he promptly tried to take off his clothes. I am sure because he was now getting really warm. We did have to carry him back off to the car kicking and screaming but that was his only meltdown of the day so we were happy about that. It was a hazy day and it really got hotter as the day went on so we were home by 3pm. This is the Sleeping Bear Dune from Empire beach. 100_0531 This is the other direction, Empire Bluffs. 100_0532 We saw a whole bunch of Yellow Swallowtail butterflys flitting around the pond. 100_0581 They posed very pretty swallowtail 100_0564 There are waterlillies on the pond and fish hanging around. The ones we saw were small but I know there are bigger ones in there. People fish there all the time. 100_0549 100_0550 On the way home we passed woods full of Trillium. Mine are almost finished in my garden. They go pink as the get older. 100_0595 100_0592


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your father in law; it must be very difficult going on without your spouse.
What a wonderful day out you had. So much to see and do. The butterflies are so pretty.

Wicked Faerie Queen said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate the life of your father-in-law. Spending time with your family in such lovely surroundings, I cannot think of anything more befitting as a farewell.