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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fishing, sort of....................

Today we took the kids to see the fish. I had to go to the Water Garden at Lake Ann to get some water plants and fish. Oh boy!!! things are so expensive. Water treatments and so on all cost so much. Why cant fish just live in water. Sheesh!!!! In town our water has fluoride so we have to get that neutralized. I am glad we only have a small pond. Then the plants, well they were not too bad and I only got two. One actually lived from last year. Its a floater. I do hope the water Iris lives. It should be a nice little yellow one. We have not had a lot of luck with the fish so far. Our first effort was the best and we did really well, those got eaten and since then we seem to have lost the knack. Anyway. I did give up on frogs I will just enjoy the ones we see out there. Here are a few pretty ones..........the ones that came from our frog spawn we bought last year were just plain old brown ones that didn't stick around. Not wet enough I guess, they seem to like the mud. 100_0602 They sit so still they think you wont see them. 100_0615 Seems that the green ones are the first to show up............and they are pretty don't you think? 100_0600 So while I was looking around with my camera, the kids were watching and feeding the fish 100_0604 The Koi are friendly and know they will get fed so come right up to beg. They will suck on your hand if you put it in the water. 100_0605-1 Here's Reina feeding them. 100_0607 They have wonderful gardens with fountains, waterfalls and streams all around. The owners live there so some is private but they dont seem to mind people looking around. They work hard on the gardens so I suppose its part of the "job". 100_0613 Later on in the year the gardens are fantastic and so are the fish. The Koi are big but they lost a lot a couple of winters ago when Raccoon's ate them. Some pretty flowering shrubs. 100_0611 Well I did buy 4 goldfish, spotted ones. We will see how they fare. Could be if they live I may get more but this will do to begin with and if I see the cat hanging around she will be grounded.

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